Saturday 3 March 2012

''Mama's Allerlei''

Mama's Allerlei is a very favored and liked German dish with all the healthiest Vegetables in it  that could be : ) Over the years I have a great liking of German food too, of course I add and omit accordingly, I mix in some of my own spices to give it a bit hotter taste : )

I tried to find the translation of it, it’s something like this : )
*Mama's hodgepodge*

Although it’s a complete meal but i make Buletten with it, very tasty minced meat balls, also a German speciality. Will upload them soon here : )
So this is what we need to make this Hodgepodge : )

2 chicken breast fillet
4-6 tbl sp oil/butter (melted butter)
1 zucchini (green squash)
2 large potatoes
3 carrots
1 bunch broccoli
1 large onion

For the sauce:
200ml sour cream
¼ paprika powder
½ tsp curry powder
¼ tsp turmeric powder
¾ tsp salt
1 tsp dry olives
1 tsp dry tomatoes
¼ tsp mixed herbs

Cut the fillet in very thin stripes, best is to freeze it for a while when it is hard you can just slant the knife and peel of thin slices very easy and very even!
Peel and cut potatoes in rounds and THEN boil them till done, drain- let aside
Cut carrot in rounds, pluck broccoli flowers with half stems
Cut onion in thin fine rings

- Heat oil/butter in a broad frying pan
-add the fillet stripes and stir till golden brown, take out, let aside

-fry carrots slightly till they get a brown color but stays firm to bite
-add in the broccoli and fry, add potatoes and fry
-now take all out and let aside
-pour the cream in the same pan, add all spices and whish till it becomes half thick
-Mix al the fried things together and dish them in a casserole
-pour the creamy sauce on it sprinkle the dry olives and tomatoes and cover with an alum foil
-Now the real “Mamas Allerlei” is eaten exactly like this without baking just with a bap or bread your choice, but I liked to bake it so sprinkled some Gouda grated cheese on it and just baked it till the cheese melted not longer than that!

It has a very fresh and yummy taste and is a Vitamin C supplier, as we don’t cook the veggies too long.
The sauce gives it the gravy so it is not dry
Above all it is light and ideal even if we have it late for dinner!

Enjoy Rania’s hodgepodge ;D


  1. Hullo Rania...another fine recipe eh?
    Thankyou. It looks good. I was going to suggest that since you are so well informed of German food, you cuold keep giving us some easy to make - and more of our taste- german recipes too. And you have already done it :)
    Also it would be easy for us if you translate some spices in brackets as you write them, in Roman English. Even though I know all the names in English, I have very poor memory and keep forgetting what is what. Also, can we use something else instead of broccoli? What's it called in our part of the world?

  2. Sure i will upload all what i have tried and tested over a time,Germam cooking is simple and really healthy too, after reading your comment i checked it in the translation again and it says Broccoli is actually called the same as Broccoli, it looks like cauliflower and is green in color.. i don't know if you get such vegetable at your end but you can have a look in the super markets.It's a Vitamin C bomb we say here and i also make it with potato exactly like Aloo gobhi:)