Thursday 25 April 2013

Crispy-Crispier-Crispiest Fried Fish

I had just made fish curry the other day, but as i was in the city yesterday and had some fish and chips as a snack, i thought hmm why not have fried fish next : )
There is a very famous chain of  “NORDSEE” here and we love eating there, the fish fillets are so crispy, and so “Fishy” not the typical fried fish of our style where there are more spices and less taste of the real fish : )
(They use the Tempura batter)

Though I have used a bit of my spices too as I couldn’t help not adding them in (regular habits’ : )
It is as simple as it can be but it is really very crispy and ultra delicious!! Just make it and you will see it yourself! Fewer ingredients with a great out come!
You have to deep fry it on a high heat as we don’t have to cook the fish, it is done in no time. Don’t marinate it with too many spices, let the fish stay in its real color and form (No turmeric powder or Garam Masala and Co !)

If you are using the frozen fillet (like I did) then thaw is completely, dry it well and then marinate, or else it will leave so much water and milk that it won’t absorb the spices.

What I did was:
700 gram Alaska fish fillet (thawed as it was frozen)
(I had 7 fillets)
4-5 pods of grated garlic
1tsp salt (more to taste)
¾ tsp carom seeds (ajwain)
½ tsp red chili flakes (or to taste)
2tbs lemon juice (fresh)
3-4 tbs of oil
For coating:
1 egg (beaten)
2 tbs rice flour
2 tbs plain flour

*mix the spices in oil

*pour this mixture on the fish and mix all well
*mix both flours in the beaten egg , it will seem like a cream, add that to the fish too, mix gently  taking care not to break the meat.
(The Flours make is crispy and the egg gives it a very light coating that holds the fillet and gives a lovely gold color!)
 *let it rest at least 2 hours
*heat oil in a broad pan and fry these on high flame
*turn one side after 3-4 minutes so the spices hold good, then turn over
*I made roast potatoes with it and a lot of Salad of course :)
My first batch was not so good, the coating left the fish because I turned over a bit earlier, all were too hungry  lol…/ But the second as you see here were honestly  +A : )
You can see the different color in the first pic :)
The fillet stays so perfect and full in shape!
Hope you enjoy it and have the best result if you are trying it!

Dont forget to feed my Fish :D

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