Wednesday 10 April 2013

Swiss Roll Trifle

A very simple yet a very delicious treat and an all time favorite dessert to make when friends come over : )
I always make my trifle with home baked cake, and it is usually the plain vanilla cake but this time I had bought the cream roll with blue berry filling so made it with that.
Though an easy dessert but takes some time so make it with peaceful hands.
I used the famous “Bird’s custard powder and the Noor Jelly powder.
This bowl served nearly 10 people
Don’t make it a night ahead as the cream roll will become so soggy that it won’t taste later. Try to prepare the same day you need it.
You need to make the custard and jelly before you start the layering but take care they are not too thick, as they will not make a good spread on the fruits
Best is that you have all things handy so you can just make this in one go.
So this is what I did:
1 cream roll ( I think best is the blueberry one)
1 tin of mixed fruit (drain the juice)
2 packs of jelly different flavors
(I used banana and strawberry)
1 bowl custard made with 1 liter milk
*prepare the custard as instructions
(It’s usually 2 tbs of custard in 500ml milk)
*make the jelly and take care not to cook too thick
As soon as the crystals vanish, take off the stove but keep the spoon in it so that it does not set so soon.
*open the can and drain the juice from the fruit
*cut 1 cm thick round slices of the cream roll
Now you are ready to start off:
*lay the cream roll slices on the bottom and sides of the bowl
*pour some custard, wait for 2-4 minutes so it sets
*spread some fruit on it gently and pour some jelly on it
Spare some jelly for the topping!
*wait another 5 minutes so the jelly gets hard
*spread another layer of cream roll and the rest as above.
*now you can decorate the top most with laying cream rolls on the sides
* cut the jelly with a sharp knife so it seems like crystals, spread accordingly
*decorate the rest fruit on the top.
Now let it cool down first and then keep it in the fridge to chill
2-3 hours are good enough to keep in the fridge.
You can top it with cream if you like, I did it once, it tastes yummy but makes you quite heavy later so I did not use it this time.
A very easy peasy way of making this divine dessert.
Enjoy decorating and playing around with cake and fruit layers  :)


  1. Woww... Likd the twist Rania...drooling here

    1. Thank you dear Hasna. Try this out your Family will love it :)