Sunday 21 April 2013

**The Cabbage Soup **

Quite some time back, my friend and I saw this show in the German TV where internationally well regarded physicians and doctors recommend different ways and methods how to eat your way back to health. How to give your body a pause from the daily one sided meal habits.
Many friends have asked for it so I thought to upload the plan, unfortunately I took no pictures of it and I don’t think that I will be making it again in the near future : )
So we both planned to try it out just for fun, but I must say in the end we enjoyed it and were happy that we did try and achieved good results. It was said that one can reduce till 5 kilos but I think that was a bit of exaggeration, my friend lost 3,5 kilos and I lost 3,2 kilos, and we really stuck to the plan 100%
 Here I must quote that though vegetables are the healthiest food one can eat but the body also needs protein and all other elements which are necessary for the growth and health as well.
Some points to keep in mind:
1. Please judge your strength, if you can pull through and if you feel you can’t then PLEASE stop and skip to your normal meal.
2.This soup is to be eaten one week; you either make it once and fridge it a week; or you can make it fresh every other day, you can eat as much as you like there’s no rule or quantity for it.
3. You should also do light exercises along this diet to burn more calories
4. A simple stepper works wonders too
5. Climbing stairs up and down does the same work
6. Cycling brings you to other thoughts, you enjoy the ride at the same time you are doing something good for your body and brain : )
7. Take good liquid intake, no fizzy drinks, cola, soda water; the best is; nice mineral water around 2 and a half liter. You can freely drink tea and coffee but without sugar and low fat milk!
8. You can eat fruits daily except banana and pears as they are high in cal and sweetness!
9. No peas, No sweet corn, No maize. No POTATOES!!!
10. Deprive your hunger with nice books and long slow walks in the fresh air.
These are all points I did myself and if the will is there and we are eating properly then you really achieve good results, I lost 3,2 kilos and I ate as much as I cud and I moved around a lot, went up and down stairs 5-6 times a day, and slept well from 10 pm to 7 am. So the body was actually taken good care of : )
So here’s what I made:
This is for one normal pot; I made it thrice in this week as I wanted fresh colors and taste for my eyes, that made is easy to slurp it down: )
*The main ingredient is the cabbage as this has the ability to burn down calories; tomatoes give you the glow and are good blood maker.
*Celery has a high content of Phosphor and essential oils  and is very good for nerves.
*Cauliflower is the best supplier for magnesium, iron and vitamin C.
*Onion is the best natural antibacterial vegetable.
*Carrots are very good for the eye sight, hair, contains vitamin A.D.E. and K in it.
*Leek is good source of dietary fiber, leeks also contain good amounts of folic acid, calcium, potassium, and vitamin C. Easier to digest than standard onions, and leeks have antiseptic and anti-arthritic properties.
So you need these ingredients:
6 large onions
3 tomatoes
2 green bell peppers (paprika)
500ml tomato purée tin
1 medium white cabbage
½ cauliflower
3 medium carrots
1 stack leek
1 glass water
-chop all vegetables in cubes or fine slices as u wish (I sliced them)
-put all in a pot with the water and let cook till Veg is tender
-I liked it crunchy so I kept checking till it was ¾ done and took off while it was still firm to bite
-you can season it with salt and pepper and soya sauce too
-I added hot sauce to make it a bit yummy : )
-sprinkle some fresh herbs like coriander, gives good aroma
-you can sprinkle it and season it with pepper each time u warm it to eat.
This quantity lasted three days as I ate whenever I felt hungry so u can cook accordingly
Good Luck and please check yourself how you feel after 3-4 days and only then proceed further with it!!!

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