Saturday 15 June 2013

*Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte* (The Black Forest Cake)

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The Black Forrest Cake is a very famous and most loved cake in Germany. Basically it comes from Schwarzwald , the Central German Upland, baked with a chocolate flavored biscuit sponge, sandwiched with sour cherries and cherry water, topped with heavy cream and dark chocolate shavings.
It is sinfully delicious till the last Bit.
My dearest Friend’s Sons Finn Marvin and Robin Daniel passed their Academic Education with flying notes and celebrated their success, so I baked this for them as a surprise gift.
Congratulations Finny und Roby :)

We are Proud of you dear Finny and Roby !!!

I have made it for the first time, but have a bond with this cake since my girlhood.

My Dearest Father used to order this cake on each of our birthdays and we were always excited to eat it as we knew when we open the box it will be “The Black Forrest” : )

Soooo many sweet memories along this, the white card board box, wrapped in a red tie…. The dining room door half closed so we cannot see what’s being decorated in there and then calling us to come in, the walls decorated and the table set with this gorgeous cake in the middle. At that time I did not know that it was a German cake : )

I have followed the steps shown in this video link given below and made the following changes

*I did not use the liquid chocolate; I took 3 tbs of baking coco powder
*I took 7 medium eggs
*I mixed 2 tbs of coffee (½ tsp of instant Nescafe in ¼ cup of water) in the cherry juice as there should be a slight tone of coffee in this cake to enhance the taste.
*I made shavings out of full milk Chocolate bar and mixed them with the dark ones
* I decorated with fresh and candied cherries
Do make it and you’ll really enjoy its delicious taste for sure: )
The icing lines are not perfectly straight but then exactly THIS is what differs it from a  ready made cake :) The fun of hand made can be uneven as self made is some thing very special I think, don't you think so :)
The recipe is written in German and English under the video.








  1. Hello rania... perfect cake... can u which choclate you use as shavings both milk n dark ones? N also if one ise liquid choc which it should be? Thanks alot

  2. Dear Asma R sorry for this late reply. Thank you for liking the cake :)

    I used both dark and milk chocolate block bars for the sahving dear. I omit the liquid choc and used cocoa powder instead, Please check the recipe in the Video and do ask again if any confusions.
    Good luck if you try to bake it!

  3. Salam Rania.
    I want to make this cake first time
    Could you plz tell me how to add cocoa pdr? Mix in melted butter or what? And did you make the syrup as well? Will it not be soggy?

  4. Wa'alaikum Assalaam dear Asma

    You have to add the choco powder in the flour and sieve it;and always use soft butter dear as ;it should be creamy as we beat it :)

    The main part is the syrup dear as this keeps the cake soft and moist;you just drizzle slowly all over not in a go.It does not become soggy at all.
    Wish you all the best dear; i am sure you'll make it perfect.

    Do ask if any help needed; i am out of station at the moment so may not reply immediately but will surely do as soon as i get to read your query ok :D

  5. Awww i just realised that i had ask the question last year as well :D bas zehn se e nikl gya yh cake lol. But i will make this on my babys birthday iA. Just finding a bit hard to make cake as im quite busy. But will ask you loads of questions lol. Thank u so much :)

  6. Ok here few quries go

    If you added cocoa pdr when to add butter? As he mixed egg yolks with sugar and then melted chocolate and butter? When to add butter?

    Can i use syrup from can to make cheeries syrup to pour over cake? Or if i dont find canned cherries can i use bottled cherry juice? And glaced cherries in it in the concoction?

    What to add instead of vanilla sugar in icing? Hope you understand all my petty questions.