Friday 28 June 2013

Zucchini Cushions (Courgette Fritters)

Courgette Fritters or also known as Zucchini Cushions are a very famous and delicious snack from the Turkish Cuisine.
I usually buy them when I do my shopping at my Turkish shop, so this time I thought why not make it at home
They are actually very easy and fast to make with a really Great result
We can have it as a snack and at the same time it can be a complete meal if we make a nice sandwich of it in the Turkish Naan, lay it with some fresh salad leaves, olives, onion and some garlic sauce and there you have your Super Duper Lunch item
You can make it as an appetizer too, but I think you will not have lunch after that

I have made a step by step and have written the recipe under each picture this time, I liked this idea, what say you
We use very little and light spices in it but if you want you can add the hot red chili powder, the originals are only with the paprika powder.

Just take care to lay them on the kitchen paper after frying, as the Courgettes absorb a lot of oil!
This is the best for your family and kids who are not so fond of Vegetables; they will enjoy this taste for sure!



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