Saturday 22 June 2013

Mandarin/Custard Cake

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I think I should stop baking so often as it is giving me sleepless nights :(
The reason is this strange square thingy, where one can see many numbers which sway left and right and stop at some special dangerous numbers :I
But as my dear Friend was visiting me today I had to bake specially for her. I used my Cheese Cake recipe and reduced some ingredients in it and added mandarin in it.

You can call it a Cheese Cake or just a simple fruity creamy cake, I have named it the Mandarin/ Custard Cake because I have used my custard in it , here this mandarin Cheese cake is very liked and favoured, the only minus point is I don’t like the gelatine layer on it and I thought it can be baked without gelatine and so I made it my way.

After it is ready it need at least 4-5 hours to settle down so the cream is firm, but as I had less time I just cooled it first and then kept it in the freezer for like 45 minutes : )
It turned out to be very delicious and very creamy and yummm :)
I baked a small one this time and used a 6” round cake form for this and it was just perfect as I could make 8 large pieces easily out of it.
I made the base with :
1 cup plain flour
70gram sugar
70 gram soft butter
½ tsp baking powder
4-5 drops of milk or more accordingly

*sieve the flour with the baking powder
*in a bowl,mix butter and sugar and mix with hands till all seems crumbled and mixed up
*add the flour gradually and knead the dough with hands, if you think it feels dry add some more milk drops
*this will turn into a bit of sticky bit even dough
*now cover the bottom and the sides of the cake form with this dough, I do it with my hands and never roll it out, this way it covers all parts easily, you can roll out if you find is easy : )
Now the cream filling:
250 grams quark(Cheese curd)
200 gram custard
100 gram sugar
100gram tin of Mandarin (drain the juice in it)

*I made the custard a night before so that it settles well
* I use the Bird’s Custard powder and make according to directed, of course you can make any brand or even buy the readymade vanilla pudding in tubs if it is handy for you, but it should be thick and not too watery: )
*now mix the custard, quark and sugar with a hand beater on high speed till al turns into a nice creamy form
*fill the cake form with it and just mix in the mandarin with a spoon so it spreads all over also till the bottom
*decorate some on the top too.
*bake it on a low heat of a preheated oven on 160°C
*it takes around 60 minutes which is normal because if we bake on a high heat the cream will burn and the dough will stay uncooked
Such cream or Cheese cakes need a loving heat and a low temp to bake, so patience is the key :)
As you see a light brownish color on the top, turn off the oven and let the cake rest in the oven another 10 minutes, the fluffed cream sits sinks a bit and settles.
Take it out and loosen the sides very gently, then open the latch so the cake cools down
If you let stay too long the dough might stick to the form and break your lovely wall!
Allow this cake to settle and chill a good 4 -5 hours before you cut it so the cream gets firm and perfect, as I said I kept it in the freezer for a fast solution and it turned out super :)
Enjoy the baking fun!!

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