Friday 7 June 2013

The Coconut Cream Cake.....Heaven on Earth!!

Sometimes it’s the best to bake when you have no special recipe in mind but have the mood to eat a cake :)
Same happened as I was checking my pictures to just see if I had missed any queries and suddenly the wish arose to eat a cake and that too immediately.

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This cake is a mix of many of my recipes, but I am amazed at the outcome, it is so soft, moist, creamy and extreme tasty.
I buy the yummy organic coconut, where they peal it and slice it in fine crispy chips, so I used that in the batter and on the top too. The white Boomerang you see on the top is actually coconut lol.. :D
I  added all ingredients according to what I thought is okay as after baking so many times one does get an idea what to add and how much  :)
So this is what I did, as I kept writing down on a piece of paper what I am doing so I could share it with you all.
 So here we go, I have used the measuring cup as it is best:

*2 large eggs
*2 cups flour
*2 level tsp baking powder
*1 cup sugar
* ½ cup oil
* ½ cup soft butter
*3-4 tbs desiccated coconut
(I broke the coconut chips and added some desiccated too)
*1 orange zest (just grate the peal directly)
*½ cup cream
*½ cup yoghurt
*Choco spread + Chocolate bar (50grams)
*whipped cream/ Double cream


*first of all beat the eggs on high speed till fluffy and foamy
*add the sugar and beat well, add the oil/butter and beat again till all creamy
*add the cream/yoghurt and mix with a spatula, grate the zest, add the coconut
*sieve the flour 2x and add slowly and first mix with a spoon then with the beater
*don’t over beat, or else it will get sticky
*in the end add the baking powder and just beat 1-2 times so it gets mixed not more!
*this batter will seem very light in color due to cream and yoghurt
*now lay a parchment paper in the baking tray and pour all on it
*bake on 160°C around 20-25 minutes
*best is to insert a stick to check

*Take the cake out and just wait 3-4 minutes then spread the choco spread and grate the choco bar on it, it will melt automatically and give a thick paste form
*Let it cool down so it is a bit firm, then beat the whipping cream and spread on the top
*Decorate with rest coconut or if you like it without then just leave it with the cream top
*The taste of orange zest and choco cream taste really divine, I love the coconut pieces in the cake too, it’s simply very yummy :)
Try and play around with recipes and you have a total new recipe, BUT if you are new at baking then please follow the recipe, I don’t want you to be disappointed in any way : )

As I said when one bakes often then you get an idea, here I must add that sometimes many friends say the batter is thick and the cake got hard, or didn’t rise; the thing is, if you feel the batter is not gooey just add few drops of milk to make it creamy and smooth, just take care NEVER add much at a time, always drop in and mix and check and you will have the perfect consistency of the batter.
Good Luck!


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