Thursday 20 June 2013

Mince Meat Buns…Soft and Delishhh….

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We are suffering an extreme humid heat now a days, as we say “The Temperature is Rising” .Yesterday it was 31°C and today again 30°C phewwww we are not used to this weather so except some people rest are down on earth and I am one of them :/
 I know it is far more worst back in my home land but the humidity just kills : (  One cannot enjoy this any longer, any way I thought why not avail this heat in some positive manner and bake my bread : )

I have this very easy and fast recipe with which I make my breakfast buns, the only difference is I used dry yeast in these buns and the result is as you see just PERFECT!!!
I made the dough, covered it with a nylon bag and kept in my balcony, funny na but so true, the heat was so immense outside that i didn’t need to warm my oven for it. I kept it like for an hour and had the double and a bit more volume of it, I had planned to make like six big buns and ended up in making 12 normal buns plus a small loaf.

I am so in love baking in my muffin forms, the shape is perfect, the tray Is clean, need no scrapping around, no greasing and it is simply handy.
For the filling I made a mixture of minced meat, potatoes and peas, some hot spices and some Tabasco and that’s it. It is such a nice feeling to see them fluff up while being baked : )
The buns are not filled form the bottom to the top as we like to eat more bread parts with chutney yummmz : )

They are so easy to make and keep for the next day, the taste even more when they are cold. You can warm them in the toaster just a little while but NOT in the Micro, that will make the soft bread hard!
I don’t use too much stuff in the dough preparation, here is what I did and I’d like to mention I always use a measuring cup, as using tea cups or mugs can spoil the ratio of things and you may not get the expected result. If your hand is set on a tea cup go ahead, even I use it for my sweet meats : )
So here we go:
1 ½ cup luke warm milk
1 tbs dry yeast (7gram)
1 tbs sugar
4 tsp butter
1 tsp salt
2 ½ cup plain flour

*Just heat the milk very slightly, pour in the bowl
*Mix in the sugar, butter salt and yeast
*Just hand whisk to mix all
*Now add the flour gradually and keep mixing with your fingers
*If you feel the flour is less, add bit more, and if the milk is less simply drop in more and mix
*The dough will be a bit sticky, that’s good!
*Just gather the dough with oily hands , make a big bun and cover it with a nylon bag and keep at a warm place
*In my case I had the natural heat the SUN but of course I usually keep it in a preheated BUT switched off oven on 50°C
*Let it stand around an hour till the volume is double
*Now punch it down dusting some flour on it and knead well
*Make small balls and place on a tray and let it stand for another 15 minutes
*Now you can fill in, or bake them as is in a bun form or any shape you like
*As you have prepared all the buns, mix in 1-2 tsp of butter in some milk, I used the carnation milk we take for tea, it is a bit thicker and gives a nice light brown color
*I don’t brush egg on it as I don’t like the smell of it :I
*Sprinkle some sesame on the top and bake on the middle rack
*A preheated oven on 160°c for around 25 minutes
* When you see all the buns puffed up, open the oven and sprinkle some water directly on the buns with a spray bottle, then spray some oil from a distance and close and let bake
*They turn out SO soft and yummy you don’t need to put them in any bag after taking them out!

I make my fillings very simply as we have to taste the bread and not only the spicy filling :) for thois I took:
 *200 gram lamb mince
*1 small onion
*2-3 green chilies chopped
*Salt and red chili flakes to taste
*2 pods of garlic
*1 large potato
*A hand full of peas
*Some drops of Tabasco
*i usually boil all things in a pot without frying anything separately
*put the mince in the pot, cut and add the onion cubes, chop and add the green chilies
*sprinkle the spices, grate the garlic on it
*add ½ glass of water and let it cook
*as it is half done, mix in the fine cubes potatoes and let cook
* after another 10 minutes add the peas and keep on the steam so the peas are cooked
*now dry the remaining water and sprinkle some garam masala and drops of Tabasco
*It’s ready for your buns filling : )
Make and enjoy the Chubby Yummy  Soft Buns : )



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