Tuesday 7 June 2016

~~Date Diamonds~~

I keep trying making just different things with dates specially in  this month
This here is just very simple , fast to make and good to enjoy each iftar
It has many nuts in it which gives one strength after the whole days’ fasting
Many countries have really very long fasts, we here are also hitting the 20 hour sign.
It’s hot and humid and long days, less time to eat late night, so it is best to have few things but full with nutrition to give energy to the body
I make these and keep them  in a tin box, they stay soft and chewy and are finished in a weeks time,as one can only eat one or two not more.


The easy way to make them:
300 g date(pit and cut in pieces)
200 g almonds (grinded)
3 tbs desiccated coconut
3-4 tbs butter
Some oil to spray
2-3 tbs of powder milk (Nido)
2-3 tbs organic honey
 -cut the dates in small bites so it is easy to grind them
-spray some oil in your chopper, so the dates will not stick to the sides
-grind the dates till they form a paste
-grind the almonds too as is, I do not boil or peel them
-now take a broad pan
-heat the butter in it and add the dates paste, nuts and the coconut
-mix all slowly and keep  pressing so they don’t form a round lump
-as the dates get pretty soft, sprinkle the powder milk and mix well
-adding powder gives it a firm looks,yet it stays soft
-grease too large plates with oil and spread the mixture dividing into two halves
-it should not be too thick, so I divide it.
-Now wait for a few seconds, then spray some oil on your palm and press the mixture into a thin flat spread
-now using a wooden honey  wand  drizzle honey all over it
-this gives the mixture a firmness as it cools down, and it is easy to cut out really fine pieces.
-place the plates in the fridge for 30 minutes,then you can cut out pieces according to your wish
-keep them in a tin box in the room temperature not in the fridge, as the real taste of the dates may fade away as the butter and honey get hard in the fridge
There is no sugar in it, it’s all pure natural sweetness of the dates and honey
You’ll love it I’m sure
 Hope you enjoy making them J


Monday 6 June 2016

**Blessings of Ramadan**

The holy month of Ramadan has arrived.
Here's wishing you all my friends,a very blessed and happy 29/30 days of compelete peacefulness.
May all your supplications be accepted and rewarded.Ameen
Remember me in your prayers.