Tuesday 24 April 2012

*Pancake Turnover with different fillings*

                     *With Vanilla Ice-Cream & Currant Sauce & Fresh Fruit*
                                    *With Nutella & Strawberry Jam*


These are two different pics made on two different days but I thought to put them together as I used different fillings in it.

It’s divine with fresh fruits and Ice-cream as the combination of Hot pancake and Chilled ice-cream is heaven : )
I think I haven’t met anyone yet who did not like to have these pancakes : ) It’s the most beloved call it snack, dessert, or breakfast goodie among all!

No words to describe the beauty and taste of these dainties : )

200gr plain flour
4 eggs
350 ml milk
pinch of salt
25gr vanilla sugar
butter as needed
castor sugar for deco


-Sieve the flour twice into a big bowl, and mix it with the milk
-beat the eggs fluffy add in the sugar and salt
-mix all together and make a creamy batter

-Heat (each time)1 table spoon butter in the pancake frying pan on a medium heat
-spread 2 scoops of batter and bake till light brown
-turn over and bake the other side
-then pancake should not be too thick nor to thin
-take it out on a big flat plate and drop 1 big scoop of vanilla ice cream, red currant sauce, chocolate sauce or jam and turn over
-decorate with the sauce/jam and your favorite fruits and sprinkle some castor sugar before serving
Tastes divine while still warm; coz the melting ice cream give it a heavenly taste!!!!

Pancakes are usually made on an iron sill here so we say "we bake it" i was a bit confused how to explain you people bake or fry :-) but as using a frying pan i think "fry" is better; but it is actually not fried in the sense of frying.... ehhhhhhh.......:-D

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