Wednesday 25 April 2012

*Falscher Hase*....Minced Meat/Veg Meat loaf


This is a very famous German Hearty Meal named "Falscher Hase"
There are many many stories and clearances about how it got this name, many are so weird I’d better not mention :/

If translated it means „the Fake Rabbit"
Stories tell that in the early days around Easter it was a custom to bake a Rabbit, it was known as a great feast. Many families who couldn’t afford to buy and bake that economically, they used to buy low-priced meat and made mince out of it and bought different vegetable and tuck all in the piece of meat and shaped it like a rabbit’s back and baked that, and so the dish came to this name as” Fake Rabbit” The egg variation came quite later
I just named it the Meat Loaf but originally the idea is from the above given story : )
It’s a very tasty dish specially after being baked with eggs it’s such a delight!

600 gr Minced meat (lamb)
1 roll bun from the previous day (soaked and drained)
2 baby cornichons( Chopped like relish)
2 small onions (finely chopped)
½ cup parsley (fine chopped)
1 red paprika (fine sliced)
2 tbp lemon juice
25 gr butter
1 egg
1/8 l meat broth (around 6 tblsp)
1/8 l cream ( around 6 tblsp)
1 tbs cream Fraiche
1 tbs paprika powder
(sweet bell pepper powder)
1 ½ tsp salt ( or to taste)
½ tsp black pepper from the mill
½ tsp cayenne pepper
3 hard boiled eggs

-soak roll bun in hot water
-chop onion finely
-heat butter and fry onion till transparent
-Chop paprika, parsley and cornichon and knead all well into the minced meat
-beat an egg, pour over and knead well, sprinkle the lemon juice too

-lay a thick layer of minced in a rectangular baking form
-place the hard boiled eggs in a row
-cover it up firmly with the rest minced meat and press with wet palms
-bake the loaf on a preheated oven on 180° for around 30 mins
-make a sauce of cream Fraiche,broth, and cream
-after nearly 10-15 mins pour this sauce on the loaf and let bake again
-the loaf will leave lots of liquid, no worries , as the loaf is done then
bake with the grill on so this will evaporate the liquid.
-Let the loaf a time to rest so when cut in slices it won’t break

Enjoy it with Roll buns, baguettes or then plain Rice as side dish.
Simple salty boiled potatoes are the perfect combo with it!!!

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