Tuesday 24 April 2012

*Porridge Oats/Flour Roti*


They say Necessity is the mother of invention: ) so I experienced this long time ago and now use this each time I am in need of it : )

 We all know that the Atta is actually made of wheat and oats too, but we have always seen and bought the readymade atta (chapatti wheat flour) I usually buy 2-3 sacks and keep them in the basement and fill the jars when empty.
Well I had this sack in the basement and hubby was at work so I thought ok why not make it this way: ) It’s easy and specially roti made out of it is so very soft and so very different, you can only feel it once you eat this.

You need just 5 things for it and some time , so here we go;
500grams porridge oats (here its one pack of it)
300grams plain flour (maida)
1 tbs salt
50ml oil
1glass water and more accordingly


*take a broad bowl; pour the water, mix in salt and oil
*now add in the oats, mix with a spoon and leave it
*in around 15 -20 minutes you will see the oats change into a sticky like dough exactly like the whole wheat atta
*now you start adding the plain flour into it and keep mixing with your hands
*I can’t give you an exact measurement of the water as you have to feel it yourself as you mix in, it will slowly start turning firm and taking a shape of the atta dough.
*it is made soft and not too hard, as you feel it is done just knead it with greasy hands.
* I dint keep it for long before kneading it (mukki lagana) as it is so soft and silky already : )
*just let it rest half an hour before u makes roti as then it’s easy to handle
*This roti is very soft, and is cooked exactly like we make with the readymade atta, you can see it fluffs up very beautifully , I’ll upload one in my Blog I forgot to insert the pic here : )
*So that’s it! If no atta at home no problem always keep one or two packs of oats at home , they stay good over 2 years so you have it at hand when you need it : )
*PS: The ratio fo the flour(maida) can be more or less , if you feel the dough is runny you can add more flour no problem at all, main thing you can make balls out of it , I am not sure if I also added more flour to it : ) In the end it was silky and soft and Super!!!
Do give it a try and you will love it!!!

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