Tuesday 9 April 2013

Winter Salad with Veggies and Fruits

I was thinking instead of sitting and gobbling the unnecessary Cals in shape of biscuits and chocos :/ why not have something light and healthy : )
I had bought all my Organic veggies and fruit, had the Turkey sausage at home, my Rucola and Ice berg Salad and white Cabbage so I went on duty : )
You take all things accordingly as you like no special amount of it ok
I’ll just jot down wha ti did as far as I remember lol..

 Wash all veggies and Fruit and dry

-Cut the cabbage in fine really fine stripes
-Break the Iceberg and Rucola salad leaves with fingers, many wont like Rucola as it has a light bitter taste, so up to you if you want to add .
-Cut the red pointed peppers in fine stipes or rings
-I take the peppers as they have a sweet taste and go best with fruits!
-Cut carrots in small cubes
-Turkey sausage in small cubes
-Pears in thin stripes
-Apple in fine cubes
Mix all these in a broad bowl
Make a light dressing:

I took just without any measurements, I kept tasting it to my choice : )
2 tsp yoghurt
2 tbl mayo
½ tsp sugar

Sprinkled some herbs like:
Dill and mustard powder
Salt and pepper to taste
Squeezed some lemon drops t make it a bit sour
2 tsp of oil, this is very important to bring out the Vitamin of the carrots!

Mix all and drizzle on the bowl and there you have your Vitamin Bomb Salad : )

*The taste is so lovely with that “Sugar’n Spice” and mostly the crunchy fruits with cabbage simply WOW
I take care to use really organic Veg and fruits for Salads as they really give you the natural vitamins which are good for your body.
I did not use any tomato and cucumber in it, so don’t be surprised if you don’t see them in the list : )

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