Wednesday 17 April 2013

Iskendar Kebab with Vegetable Fried Rice

A Turkish delight very different, juicy spicy and delissshhh :)
Usually these kabas are made with thin strips of meat, similar to the Döner Kabab. My friend makes them with mince meat and so I also learnt it this way. The typical ones are made with broad pieces of meat.
Whenever we eat out at the Turkish Restaurant I mostly order these :)
I read that these are named after the inventor of these called “Iskendar” we pronounce this name as “Sikandar”
In the restaurant they pour hot butter on it, I saved those extra Calories :)
These are super scrumptious when they are served fresh from the grill but i made them in the pan and they tasted… well quite yummy.
These are made in a lengthy shape and therefore we need a good amount of mince to form them.
500 gram minced meat (lamb)
1 onion (fine diced)
2 small tomatoes (deseeded)
2  tbs tomato puree
50 gram yoghurt
3-4 garlic pods (coarse grated)
½ bunch parsley( fine chopped)
½ cucumber (fine diced)
2 ½ tsp olive oil
2 green chilies (or to choice you can take paprika)
2-3 tbs butter to pour at the end
½ tsp each powder spices: as follows:
Salt-black pepper-paprika-oregano-white cumin
-mix all the spices in the oil
-chop the veg in dice (not to thick)
-Let it sit for a while so the juices of tomatoes and cucumber drains off
or squeeze very slightly to do so
-Mix all to the minced meat and let it rest for 2-3 hours
-Make thick and lengthy patties and shallow fry each side around 2-3 minutes
 -These kababs are actually served on Turkish Naan baked with yoghurt on the top so the naan is actually soft and half soaked in yoghurt. Taste very delish, but being a born rice lover I preferred to have it with egg fried rice  : )
Egg Fried Rice

2 cups plain white boiled rice (best is a night before)
4 eggs+ salt and pepper to taste
1 cup peas
2 spring onions ( in rounds)
5 garlic pods ( crushed)
3-4 tbs chili/garlic sauce
3tblsp butter

-boil the rice and keep it in the fridge a day before
-heat the butter in a wok, give in the garlic, fry light pink
-add in the peas and fry slightly, be carefully they will spring all around so cover it with a splash guard
-when the peas are a bit soft, add in the spring onions and just fry gently, shud stay green and crunchy!!
-now fold in the cold rice and mix all gently
-beat the eggs in a bowl, add the salt and pepper and fry a big omelet and then scramble it into pieces
-in the end mix in the chili garlic sauce and the spread the scrambled eggs on the top and mix it once again and leave it on a low heat for 10 minutes. Tastes very good!
Enjoy the Taste!

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