Sunday 21 April 2013

Fish in Spicy Curry Sauce

Being very rich in Omega 3, the Fish is a must to be added in our meals. Fried fish is no doubt very tasty but after all the process of spices and frying it, its actually more of a spicy snack, whereas making the curry of it, brings out the real fish meat taste : )

It is good if we add Fish in our weekly plan, I always have a Fish day once a week and then I make it in different ways, I fry it with potatoes and Vegetable as side dish, I make it as a spicy fish snack and this curry is made quite often.
It is cooked very fast if handled with care.


                                             So this is what you need to do:
3-4 fish fillet ( i took catfish)
1 large onion
3 tbsp yoghurt
1 tomato (puree)
2tbs fresh lemon juice
1 tsp fresh grated garlic
¼ tp carom seeds (ajwain)
¼ tsp Nigella Sativa seeds ( kalounji)
½ tsp salt (more to taste)
½ tsp red chili powder(laal mirch)
¼ turmeric (haldi)
¼ cumin powder(Zeera powder)
¼ tsp fenugreek powder (methi)
Oil as needed
 -wash and dry the fish and cut into pieces
-heat oil in a wok and give in first the Kalounji
-now add in the fish and fry on a high heat, just keep turning so that it does not get soft and break
-now sprinkle the garlic and just fry once more and take the fish out in a separate broad  bowl/plate
-make a paste of the onion and tomato in a blender and mix in all spices plus the yoghurt into it
-now add the carom seed and let them splutter but not Burn!!!
- pour the blended paste and mix all well, the onion will cook and shoot and leave water cover it with a splash guard and stir till water dries and only “masala stays
-now put the fried fish back and just mix it very gently taking care it does not break
Sprinkle lemon juice, gram masala and set on dum.
I used very less spices in quantity so that the fish cold be tasted not only the spices  : )
You can surely add more spices according to your taste!
I made  both fluffy Naans and Khushka (Plain White Rice) with it.


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