Monday 15 April 2013

~Savory Onion Cake with Tuna/Egg Salad~

With the word „Cake“ you somehow always relate to a sweet, chocolatey, creamy buttery cake : )
This savory cake is different and really delish, an all time Famous and favorit  of all of us here in germany,a complete meal in fact : )
I learnt this from the Educationalist of my daughter and loved it at first sight, you can do any variations in it by adding any other ingredients in it but the main are of course the onions!
You can make it as a sheet cake too, as well as in a larger form as I made it.
I made the tuna fish salad with it as the bread is already included in it so it makes a rich heavy meal all in all.
The tuna salad is actually not according to any recipe, I just add what I think would taste yummy together : ) I took Tuna Fish tins but not the ones in oil! I use the ones in water as it is lighter and actually ideal for making salads or bread spreads.
I thought any form of noodles will taste good in it and will give a filling feeling so I used the small soup elbow noodles
**I couldn’t resist not adding my love the red chili flakes : )**

This is what you need to do:
Cake mixture:
400 grams plain flour
250 ml luke warm water
42 gr fresh yeast cake (I tiny pack)
2 tbs oil
½ tsp salt
*make dough mixing all the ingredients
*spread it on the sheet and let it rest till double in volume around 30 minnutes
*if you are making it in a cake form then let it rise in the bowl and then spread in the form! ( will take 30 minutes)
Cake topping:
7/8 onions (around one kilo)
200 grams turkey/chicken salami
4 eggs
250 g cream fraiche or sour cream
Salt and black pepper to taste
Red chili flakes (optional)
Mixed dry herb of your choice
(I took herb of Provence, it is a blend of all dry herbs)
 *cut the onions in fine rings and fry slightly
* make cubes of the salami pieces and also fry slightly
*beat the eggs and mix in the cream and season with the spices
*now spread the onion on the ready dough on the sheet/form
*spread the salami on it
*pour the egg/cream evenly all over the cake
* bake in a preheated oven 180°C for around 25 minutes
As it is ready, take it out and let it stay for a while so the egg/cream mixture sets a bit, it may seem a bit shaky but that is normal it is well cooked, but if you want to be surer you can insert a long shashlik stick to check if the eggs are done : )
This is how I made my Tuna Fish Salad:
2 cans of tuna fish
(Drain the water completely)
2 hardboiled egg
(Cut in small cubes
50 grams maze
100gram elbow noodles (small ones especially for soups)
(prepare ahead so they cool down)
½ red onions in tiny cubes
¼ tsp mustard paste
Salt to taste
50 gram plain yoghurt
100ml remoulade (sort of mayo with herbs)
(You can make it with mayo and add dry herbs in it with fresh lemon juice, mustard cream, vinegar and some dill pickled cucumber)
*mix the yoghurt and remoulade(mayo)
*mix in the mustard paste and salt
*add the tuna fish and crush it with a fork and mix well
*now add the noodles, onion, egg and maze and mix gently
*it is best to prepare this salad at least 20 minutes ahead so it can set and mix well.
You can keep this in the fridge and use it till it is finished, I use this as my breakfast bread spread too, tastes extreme delish!
 Try it and find out : D
Someone asked me how did i place this cake on a coaster and how did it stay so even :)
No my dearie, i have a glass platter underneath, my baking form has a glass bottom so i placed that as is on the cane coaster :D

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