Wednesday 28 March 2012

German Iceberg/Rice Salad

A very light and very tasty salad for summer, having that heavy duty lunch makes one more lazy so often make different salads which are light yet a complete meal : )Usually we have all these things at home so it’s quite quick to prepare and is very filling too : )

½ Iceberg Salad
100 gr turkey salami stripes
4 hard boiled eggs
1cups plain boiled rice (cold)
(means you cook only a ½ cup!!)
4tblsp Mayo
3-5 tbs milk ( to make it thin)
½ tsp mild curry powder
salt to taste (better very less)
1tsp Black pepper from the mill
1 tbs mix of dry tomato stripes and dill

-boil the rice before and let it cool down totally
-wash and dry the iceberg salad and cut into fine slices
-cut the turkey strips length wise
-boil eggs hard, let cool and then cut in squares

-make the salad mix:
-squeeze up to 4 tbs of mayo
-beat it slightly thin with the milk
-add curry powder, taste if u want more can add accordingly
-sprinkle the Black pepper and salt
-mix in the tomato mix
-now mix all with light hands so that the eggs don’t break off
- its ready to eat :)

Very simple, fast made, yet very filling!!

Note: Please make it as is, add no chives and coriander, no hot spices, only then u will have the real taste!!

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