Tuesday 27 August 2013

Butter-Almond Sheet Cake / Niedersächsischer Butterkuchen

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This Butter Cake is a Classic Saxon specialty with lots of Butter and Sugar and Almond coating.
For quite a long time it was known as a  festive Cake in North Germany  made on special occasions like Birthdays and Weddings. With the passing time it is a must on any afternoon tea table and is a very favorite one of us all here in Germany.
One of my Families most favorite cakes which I bake very often.
The original Butter Cake (Der Norddeutsche Butterkuchen) is made with fresh yeast and tastes and smells totally divine when fresh out of the oven.

I make this easy one using baking powder, it is equally delicious baked very fast and the best thing is that  you can start making it as you hear the door bell of your invited guests : ) It is ready in no time with a great great taste and aroma and is finished even more fast than you can bake it : )
This is usually made in the backing tray, as it should be baked flat not like a loaf form.
If you are weight conscious then sorry it’s not for you, you can just watch one eating : )

So this is what you need for the cake:

I use a measuring cup for these ingredients
5 Eggs
1 cup Sugar (makes 115 gr)
3 cups Plain flour (each cup is 115 gr)
1 pk double cream/whipping cream (200ml)
 4 tsp Baking powder (level)
For the top you need:
100gr Butter (soft not melted!! )
1 cup Sugar (115 gr)
2-3 tbs Milk
250gr Almond flakes
3 tbs Vanilla sugar

*Whisk eggs in a broad bowl till fluffy and creamy.
*Add the double cream and sugar and mix it with a wooden spoon.
*Fold in the flour slowly, keep mixing it to avoid lumps.
*Whisk the batter for 3 minutes.
*In the end add in the baking powder and just mix it on a low speed.
*Pour it out on the oven backing tray,(light greased) bake it in the pre- heated oven 170°C for about 10 minutes.
*In the mean time, add the sugar and milk to the butter and mix it into a creamy soft form.
*As soon as the cake seems fluffy and a bit light brown insert a tooth pick to check and take it out.
*Spread the butter cream with a flat spoon, very gently and with soft hands all over the cake top. Be careful the surface will be warm and can have cracks if you dump the butter harshly
*Sprinkle the almond flakes evenly on the top, sprinkle the vanilla sugar on them, and bake it for another 10-15 minutes.

*As the almonds and sugar turn light golden brown it is done.
 *You will see a nice crispy golden brown top, its ready to serve, and if you eat it warm it tastes divine!!!!!!!!
This cake stays crunchy if you keep it in the cake container, or just in the the baking tray and cover with the Alu Foil, as in an air-tight box the almonds will become soft and sticky.
I have made the original one with the fresh yeast too, that is a classy cake as well, I will upload it in the next days, so keep checking : )
Bake and Enjoy the Scrumptious taste!

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