Sunday 18 August 2013

An enjoyable evening with friends :)

        I had invited a bunch of jolly sweet lovely friends on a late High-Tea time.

I planned to make a mix of dinner and tea and then ended up in making all what my lovely daughter had on her wish list :)

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We had a great time among chit chatting and enjoying the Food.
I thought my Readers can get new ideas for their next upcoming Party so uploading the pics.I just had some of them so have cut and pasted all together : )
The recipes are to be found in the archives so just surf through or feel free to ask if you cannot find any of these.
The Club sandwich and Egg Sandwich recipes are in my archives as well
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The Chicken wraps recipe is not in here, but it is actually very easy and simple. I bought the Turkish made thin wraps this time as I usually make them home, I saved a bit of time : )
Made the Chicken Tikka after marinating it over night and fried all on a high flame to get the dry grilled result.
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This is how it turned out as it was ready, the pic is not so fancy it was a quick shot to show you how it should look when ready, no sauces no juices and no water, just very good dry yet soft
I made a spread for the layer of the wraps mixing my Tomato Khatta (Sour Tomato Sauce, will come up next) and did the filing with the Cole Slaw and the fresh Kachumbar.
I wrapped them in the butter paper and then with a cling to keep the Hands from sticking, it looks neat and tidy i think, what say you :)
Okay what you need for the filling is:
 2 chicken breast fillet (cut in thin stripes)
Marinate and keep over night for best taste, for that you need:
2tbs Soya sauce
2 tbs lemon juice
1tsp red chili flakes
1tsp curry powder
½ tsp pomegranate powder (annar danna)
1 ¼ tsp salt or to taste
(Take care as soya sauce is salty too)
½ tsp Chaat masala
¼ cup oil
*mix all the ingredients in the oil and then mix it all in the chicken pieces
*keep in the fridge over night
*next day, just heat a Wok or a broad pan and fry all on a high flame and keep stirring , the water will evaporate and the juices will form a spicy structure.
*take off the heat and keep covered till you start making the wraps
The rest filling is:
(A mix of tomato, red onion, cucumber and fresh peppermint leaves all mixed)
Cole Slaw (recipe in archives)
Iceberg salad leaves
Spread for the wraps:
(A mix of Mayo, Chilie Garlic Sauce, Remoulade, lemon juice, my Tomato Khatta Optional)
Mix all into a nice thick paste and spread on each wrap before the filling
So here you go your wraps are ready. Wrap them in a butter paper then cling.

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I love these Chocy Cream Muffins, they are such a delight and such a “melt in mouth ones” you cannot resist having the next..

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The recipe is already in here but I did not have the cut open picture yet so thought to share that this time. Yummmz I tell you I am having one now :D

Enjoy and do try them and make your family and friends happy !

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