Thursday 11 July 2013


My Heartily wishes and prayers for a very blessed holy month of Ramadhan to all my Muslim readers.May we be able to benefit lots of barakaat of this month and may Allah accept all our prayers and supplications. Ameen
Have a very blessed month ahead and remember your Rania in your prayers..... Jazak'Allah!

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  1. Ramadan Mubarak to you too.
    so far in these past 6 rozas for iftar i've had:
    1.beef samosa 2.pakora 3.fruit chat 4.dahi baray 5.aloo cholay 6.chkn eggrolls 7.aloo samosa 8.rooh afza 9.khajoor
    -- allah ka lakh lakh shukr --
    so what next to try ????

  2. Jazak'Allah dear and Ramadhan Mabrook to you and yours.
    Seems you have been very steady Masha'Allah :) How about trying my Date rings?? They are THE Ramadhan Hit! Some fruit triffle? Kachooriyaan?
    Mangoe Lassi? Straw berry Lassi?
    Last but not least my up-coming Potato Rolls :)