Sunday 10 February 2013

*Duchess Potatoes Cake*

As the name shows this is supposed to be a delicate dish, as some say it was first made for a duchess so it is named after that, but it is also well known as a popular side dish from the French cuisine. I named it a cake because as it was ready it really looked like a lovely cake : )
Duchess Potatoes are an additional side dish with all grilled or fried meat or fish meals.
I make it with fried fish and fried vegetable, this time I thought to make 3 in 1 : )
They are very easy and very delicious and are much loved from all kiddies : )
I make casseroles very often as I love them and so does my Family, so this time it was the Potato/Veg casserole and instead that i made the duchess potato separately I made them together.
You just need some time and peace to make them, otherwise it is really simple.
So let’s start off, here’s what you need to do, I’ll write each  step according to ingredients,
it is easy for you to follow each one after the other and prepare all so ti is easy to just assemble the casserole :
**6-7 potatoes
-wash, peel, cut and boil in salt water)
-30ml milk
-1tbs butter
-Salt and black pepper to taste
- ¼ tsp red chili flakes
-¼ tsp cumin powder
1 egg
**200gram Mixed vegetable
-carrots, peas, maize, broccoli, cauliflower
(cut in cubes)
-1-2 tsp butter to fry the veg
**200ml Cream fraich/Quark
-add some salt and black pepper in it along with some curry powder to taste
You can also take simple thick cream and season according to your taste
**50 gram grated cheese             
I made it s bit Calorie conscious as I was adding enough butter in it
(yes yes I know conscious? with butter and cream lol )
*so, I always peel the potatoes before boiling as they get cooked really fast
*always add some salt in the water so the potatoes have a good taste
*take a casserole; spread some cream on the bottom
*take out 2 potatoes when boiled, cut in thick slices and fry them till gold brown
*lay these in the casserole on the bottom layer
*fry the Veg slightly in the butter
*mash the rest of the potatoes while still warm
*add the egg, butter, milk and salt /pepper
*the puree should be smooth, add more spices according to your taste
*take out at least ½ cup puree in a separate bowl!
*now spread the puree on the sides of the casserole making a hollow space in the middle
*just pat the puree so it is evenly spread on the sides
*now fill the hollow in-between with the fried Veg
*take a piping bag and fill in the rest puree and fix the star nozzle on it
*you can now either make stars or rosettes on the sides of the casserole
*just make them thick enough that they take a shape and make a peak of each
*now pour the rest cream over the middle part on the Veg and sprinkle the cheese over it too
* bake it in the pre heated oven on 190C for around 15 minutes
* you’ll see the cheese turning gold and the duchess potato taking a lovely brown gold color
 *Your Grand Lunch or Dinner is ready : )
**Many brush an egg yolk extra on the duchess potato, but I don’t like it, it is enough to add in the puree, they are nice crunchy when they are done and also have that lovely yellowish color : )


  1. Wow i'm sure you'll enjoy it, do let me know how you liked it :D