Wednesday 8 February 2012

Yummmy Date Rings

Okay so this here is a Turkish dough which i learnt from my Turkish friend.It’s a very tasty and light and stretchable dough and you need no rolling pin for it!!!!I made all “Three in One” Date Rings, Turnovers and Kachoori buns making this dough. I never FRY kachoories, they are light to eat when baked!!! Things made from this dough “shouldn’t” be fried as it already contains lots of oil and butter. We don’t want that extra fat do we ;)

Yoghurt Dough:
1 cup oil
½ cup soft cold margarine
¾ cup plain yoghurt
2 tsp very leveled baking powderflour according to feeling….(use any one cup u have for all the measurements…)

*Mix the yoghurt, oil, margarine and baking powder in a bowl.
*Now add in the flour and keep mixing with your hands.
*Its hard to measure how much, but till u feel that the dough is soft and all the liquid ingredients have been absorbed.

It is a very very creamy dough, you can work with it immediately, it need no rest.Make any shape spreading with hands, needs no flour for dusting, no rolling pin u can make it very easily with your palms and hands!!!

Date Filling:

300gr dates
3tbsl sugar
150gr Almond
3tsbl margarine
castor sugar for deco.

*Fry the pitted dates in the margarine til lthey give a fried aroma, grind them coarsly, not like a paste!
*Fold in the coarse crushed Almonds and suagr and mix all softly.
*Make strips of the yoghurt dough with ur hands length wise,fill it with the date mixture making it like a thin "seekhi kabab",overlap and roll them and join in the edges into a ring shape.
*Place all on a lind baking tray and bake on 170° till they are light brown.
*Let them cool down and sprinkle with castor sugar while they are warm so they can absorb the sugaragain.
*Sprinkle with castor sugar once again before serving.
*Stays fresh long in a Tin box lined with a paper napkin.


150 gm butter (soft room temp)
100 gm castor sugar
50 ml honey100 grad plain flour
100 gm corn starch
60 gm grinded Almonds
3 tsp vanilla sugar

*mix all ingredients together
*let it rest in the fridge for half an hour
*make small balls; lay out on a tray with baking paper
*keep a 2inch distance between each cookie as they spread when the butter melts!!
*press slightly with a fork
*bake in a preheated oven for 20 minutes on 180°C
*let them cool and then sprinkle a generous amount of castor sugar
*they will absorb it, you can sprinkle again before serving

Happy baking!!!

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