Thursday 24 May 2012

Sandali Pulao with Potato Cutlets


Sanadli Polau is a very Classic rich dish which is very unique in taste and colour ,and known as the heart of all Polaus

We being Biryani eaters: ) enjoyed the special feast when Mom made Sandlai Polau as it was Dad’s most favorite …
Now with the passing time my Family is also a more bigger fan of Polau than my briyani : (
The important thing is that it tastes best when we use extra meat with bones in it, like ribs or shoulder

Its original taste is without any saffron and colors
One should make it the original way, no matter if it demands a bit longer time; the result is incomparable to any other rice dish.

I always make Potato kababs with it, as any curry wouldn’t go with it and we have to enjoy the pure Polau of course with side dishes such as Chutney;raita(dip) and Kachumbar(salad)

So I have tried to explain each step so the recipe seems long : )

 For the Yakhni (soup)
750grm mutton shoulder
2large onion
2 stick cinnamon
3 black cardamom
1tblsp white cumin seeds
4tblsp dry coriander seed
1tsp black cumin seed(kala zeera)
2inch fresh ginger( in cubes)
5-6 fresh garlic bulbs
1tblsp black peppercorn
1tblsp cloves
4glass water

-wash n make medium pieces of mutton
-pour water in a broad pot
-take a cheese cloth and put all the rest spices in it and make a bundle of it
-lay this bundle in the water pot, make big cubes of the onion and all to the pot
-now let all cook till meat is tender
-separate the meat after the soup is ready and keep it in a bowl
-take out the spice bundle and drain the soup pressing the onion in paste
-Don’t forget we DID NOT add salt to it COZ this dries up the moist meat!!!!

For Pulao Preps:
3mugs rice (wash and soak in luke warm water for 20 mins)

-2medium onion thin sliced
-1/4 cup oil
-5tbls yoghurt
-1tbsp black pepper/cloves together
-1tbsp ginger/garlic paste
-½ tsp dry coriander powder
¼ tsp garam masala
-3tsp salt

-heat the oil, give in the black pepper/cloves
-fry the onion till brown NOT black
-this brown color will give rice the due color!!
-As onion gets fried, add in the meat and stir
-put the tbp GG paste…..stir
-sprinkle the coriander powder….stir
-add in the yoghurt……stir
-when the meat turns into a fresh brown color and the yoghurt dries up
-measure the ready soup (yakhni) and pour 4 glasses to the meat( if less then add water to cover it up)
-NOW add the salt, and bring all to boil
-drain the rice and add in the pot
-cook on a high flame and reduce heat gradually
-when the yakhni is only on the surface
-cover the pot with a wet cloth and set on dum on a low heat
-don’t break the dum before 15 mins
-open after that, sprinkle the garam masala and losen the rice from edges
-the polau is ready to serve…. …

 Alo kababs.

1 kg aloo
1 large onion
1 bunch chopped fresh coriander
3-4 chopped green chilies
3 tbp fresh lemon juice
1 level tsp salt
1 level tsp red chili powder
½ tsp crushed black pepper
1 tbp coarse crushed coriander seeds
½ tsp meethi powder (fenugreek)
1tblsp rice four
1tsp soft butter
1 egg

An easiest way to boil potatoes:
-wash and peel the potatoes
-cut 6 squares from each potato
-now boil them in a full water pot
-add some oil and 2-3 pinch salt to it
-when tender and soft, drain the water
-mash them with a fork, giving in the tsp butter
-add all the spices to it, make flat and big patties
-dip in the beaten egg and fry till gold brown

I dint put in garam masala and cumin powder in it, as the patties give a very classy taste of potato with less spices in it 

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  1. Love the fragrance this rice gives. Also, tastes delicious! Thank you.