Friday 8 June 2012

Kacchay Qeemay Ke Kabab/Mincedmeat Patties


A spicy and quick to make kabab dish which is everyone’s Favorite : ) They are best when we make them from the fresh bought mince, they are fried in minutes and have a very fresh aroma, I do make with frozen mince, but then I add 2 slices of shredded white bread, so it sucks the moisture which makes the mince a bit soft.
Very simple and very delicious!

500gr mixed minced meat(beef/mutton)
1 large onion (crushed)
2tblsp fresh ginger (crushed)
4 pod fresh garlic (crushed)
½ bunch fresh coriander
4-6 green chilies (fine chopped)
2tblsp rice flour(grind normal rice till very fine)
1tsp red chili flakes
1+a bit more tsp salt
½ tsp fresh black pepper from the mill
1tblsp oil


-mix all spices to the minced meat
-let it rest for half an hour
-make thick and big rounds
-they will reduce while frying
-fry shallow on a medium heat
-each side 3-4 minutes
-serve with salad,roti hari chutney in yoghurt


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