Thursday 21 June 2012

Strawberry Lassi

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Sunny summer is entering in with its cool and shinny appearance, the windows reflect the soft bright rays all over, and the house is full of lively spirit!

I see lovely big juicy strawberries all over, in small wooden cases, with their attractive red faces smiling at me : )

My Family loves them and I mostly make for smoothies and juices with it.



This time as I went to my Weekly Bio market I saw different stalls selling “strawberry lassi” so i thought wow now our traditional drink is “in” as a special drink : ) It's become very famous here, all fruit lassis :)but its really not tasty :/ They add in so much flavours and name it Lassi :)                                                   

Here's how i make it with simple and few ingredients.

It’s heavy and very filling, similar to our mango Lassi but so refreshing and delishhh, you have to try this for sure!!! It’s simply irresistible!!!

500 grams strawberries
Washed and cut in halves
1 cup plain yoghurt
2 cups chilled milk
1table spoon sugar
1table spoon Honey
6-7 cubes of ice

*just put all in the bending jar and blend for 2-3 minute

 I did not add more sugar as the strawberries were sweet but you can add accordingly.

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