Wednesday 27 June 2012

Mustard Eggs with Boiled Potatoes

                                                         A very Famous German Dish
                                                          Senfeier mit Salzkartoffeln

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Living here since long i am fond of the German food too, the only thing what I miss is the spicy touch : )
This dish is quite a favorite one, it’s easy and it’s delicious!!!
A must try as it tastes totally different and really yummz : )
This is what you need you do:
3-5 hard boiled eggs
1tblsp flour
1tblsp butter
1 pinch sugar
3tblsp mild mustard paste
100ml water

-Boil 4-5 Potatoes with salt
-drain, peel, and cut in quarters
-Boil the eggs, cool, peal and cut into halves.
-Heat the butter, add flour and fry slowly so that it does not burn.
-Once turned into a light cream color add the water,
-Add sugar and mustard paste and whisk to avoid lumps.
-Place the egg halves and let it simmer on a slow flame for 3-4 mints.
-Serve with potatoes sprinkled with chives and fresh black pepper

Tastes very good if served with whole meal roll buns or an onion baguette.

Enjoy the different taste!!!

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