Thursday 5 July 2012

Strawberry Crème de la Crème

I had bought lots of strawberries, made smoothies, mixed in yogurts, and simply ate them too..
The hot weather today made me make this : ) All were wanting something cool and creamy so this was the best I could make
I did not let it chill 3 hours as one should usually do in all cream cakes, but still it came out really A1!!




*400 gram Fresh Strawberries
Wash only before use, or they will absorb water and become soft and soggy
Cut some in halves, and some in small cubes
*Make the base:
8 Digestives
5 Ginger nuts
125 gram soft butter
75 gram brown sugar
(Nearly a bit more than ½ cup as brown sugar is coarse)

I used Ginger Nuts as they give a very gingerly taste, digestive are more neutral and the mixture of these both is simply awesome
-crush the biscuits, the easiest way, put them in a nylon bag and roll over with a rolling pin!
-add the sugar and mix well, add the butter and knead with both palms into a smooth mixture
-cover your baking casserole with it, by pressing it evenly on the bottom
-keep in fridge so the base turns hard

*Make the Cream:
200 ml double cream (whipped cream)
100 ml condensed milk
200 gram Cheese curd (Quark)
50 gram sugar (if you want it sweeter)

 -I keep all my utensils for 15 minutes in the freezer before I beat the cream
  That is: the beater, the bowl, and the cream
-beat your cream on one speed number II, add in some fine sugar to give it a taste
-I add the stabilizer so the cream is really firm and peaky
-beat the cheese curd and condensed milk separately and then just fold these two in   the whipped cream gently DON’T beat just fold!

**By this time you have a nice firm base, so now first put in a layer of cream, lay the cubed strawberries all over and cover with another layer of cream
Decorate with the halves of the rest strawberries, cover with a cling and keep in the fridge for at least 2-3 hours so it’s chilled!

**I must say, as I took it out after only 1 ½ hour it was really okay, the cream was firm that i cud make good pieces, keep in mind it’s NOT a cake so you have to take it out like any dessert with a big spoon or any flat one as I used
It was really heavenly, so cool and so creamy and so yummy. The base is till now so crunchy; the ginger nuts are firmer so they make it too crunchy and then mixed with cream ummmm its divine!!!
Do try and make it , you’ll love it don’t think of the Cals as there ARE thousands of it in it  lol…. Well sooooo…what ….


  1. Sounds yummmmmmmy there any substitute for cheese curd?

  2. Thank you dear Beenish, please check this link, you'll find a guidline here:)