Friday 20 July 2012

Tuna-Vegetable Cheeeeezy Pizzzzza :)

 Made Pizza after a long pause, was just trying not to add more to the gaining kilos : ( but the weather was like so gloomy and the best way to keep one engaged is: of course cooking :D This here is a joint Family production, we all got together and the end result was really delicious : )

I have many different recipes of making pizza in my Album too, to be honest, I just do it by heart now, because at one stage you really just mix max all without counting and measuring… BUT as soon as I added one thing I wrote it down for my lovely friends , so I could share what I did : ) So here it is:

300 gram plain flour
2 tsp dry yeast
¼ tsp salt
½ tsp oregano
½ cup and just a little more luke warm milk
4-5 tbs oil
2tbs yoghurt

-put all in the food processor and knead till silky soft dough is ready
-spray palms with olive oil and just knead it softly and turnover in a bowl
-keep it in a warm place for like just 15-20 minutes

-mean while prepare the sauce and the topping:

3 fresh tomatoes peeled and chopped
3tbs tomato paste
Salt to taste
1 garlic bulb
3-4stripes of ginger
1tsp oregano
½ tsp Kräuter der provence
2 tsp olive oil
3-4 pinches of red chili
-put all in a mixer and blend till thick and smooth
-don’t add water, the tomatoes leave enough water so it gets blended easily


Now prepare the Vegetable:
1 green bell pepper(stripes)
1 red onion(sliced)
4-5 pieces of salami(rounds)
1 tin of tuna fish(drained)
6-8 olives
½ can of maize
4-5 pepperoni
½ cup of chopped broccoli
250gram of a mix of sheep cheese and Gouda cheese

-Now spread the ready dough quite thin on a baking sheet
-prick with a fork and spread the sauce well
-top with the above prepared Veg
-sprinkle the cheese and bake around 20-25 minutes
On a heat of 200°c
-the cheese should not turn too dark, that's not healthy eating!

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