Monday 16 July 2012

Gulaab Jamun

A delicious, delectable, luscious, flavorous, flavoursome, flavourful, appetizing, mouth-watering, ambrosial, yummy, scrumptious Sweetmeat ever : ) Phewwwww this was a small introduction : )

  It’s the most made sweetmeat in nearly 80% Asian Households and yet many say it doesn’t turn out good, so its only a matter of practice and patience. There are only few points to keep in mind:

1. The sugar syrup should not be boiling
2. The balls should be friend on a low heat from the very START!
3. The balls should be allowed to soak themselves and not be turned and twisted up and down
If you follow this I bet you will have the best gulaab Jaamuns compared to the sweetmeat shop Insha’Allah: )
So this is what you need:

2 ½ cups Nido milk powder
2 ½ tsp. Baking powder (level)
2 ½ tbs soft margarine

( I use the organic plant margarine
¼ cup flour
¼ cup sooji
(together it should make a half cup!!)
2-3 eggs
(if L then 2, if M then 3)
1 kilo sugar(makes around 5 cups)
3 glass water
2 pinch zarda rang(yellow food color in powder form)

-Boil the water with sugar and zarda rang and cook till it’s a bit thick we say
” do taar ki chaasni” when its ready take it off and let it cool

-Now make the dough, measure milk, sprinkle baking powder through a sieve so that there are no lumps, add in the flour and sooji, mix all with hands add in the margarine and mix all well till the powder seems to have absorbed all of it.
-Now fold in the egg as they and mix well into a bit of sticky dough. If you feel that it’s a bit dry DON’T add any more egg, instead put in 2 tablespoons of normal carnation milk(evaporated milk) to make it smooth.
-Make small balls (as they will enlarge anyway) with greased palms
-Don’t keep the balls too long after oyu have formed them as they will get dry and have cracks which lead to scatter as put in oil!
-Heat the oil from the start on a low heat electric stove at no:2 and fry them on the same number as the flour has to cook too, otherwise they will get dents!
Fry and put in the sugar syrup and allow them to sink in the syrup slowly and don’t use any spook to turn them around, that is really important or else they get dents because whne we pour syrup on a dry ball it will automatically soften soon and make a small dent!!
It takes around 4-6 minutes till they absorb the syrup and are ready they to eat.

I use no Iilaichi( Cardamom) in it coz that over takes the aroma and the actual taste of it is divine without it !

Good Luck and Happy Gulaboos : )

I was wanting to mention but just slipped out of mind. Now as a Sister asked me i thought to give a note here for all those who have this same question :)

Last week i made Gulaab Jamuns with the same thougt that what if any one has no margarine??? So i used cooking oil in it and they were so very good exactly the same shape,look and taste! I used 4 table spoons of oil instead of 2 1/2 tbs margarine. Just mix in the oil well in the powder till all crumbly and then carry on with the next steps. Insha'Allah you will have perfect results:) I loved them even more :)


  1. Thank you my dear Amber, i am more glad to see YOU :) Hope you are doing good dear!

    1. Yes, I am, Alhamdullillah (No facebook at work)