Monday 23 July 2012

The Love of my Life..... :)

I thought before my beloved Organic chilli pepper plant bids farewell, i'll save it here for ever and ever :) My dearest Friend Susanne bought two of them, one for each... and we planned to take care of them and see who's plant grows the most.. Fortunately we both had such rich fruits on it :) The main attraction in my room and a daily delight for my eyes I love love love Chillies since i have learnt to eat  lol... In fact i think i inherited it from my Mom sweet Mom :)

Now as they have given me more than enough chillies, i have dried the last of them and use them for my Daal (lentil) tempering, and Susanne the Gem she is gathered her's too and i have a tin full of them for the rest of the months till we buy one again ...

Is'nt it Gorgeous :)


  1. Rania few days back I saw vermicelli kheer or sheer khurma recipe in your blog or Facebook page i don't remember what is it call and I cannot find it so please if u can post in ur blog again that will be very much appreciate thank you.and yes red chilli plant is really look gorgeous.

  2. Dear Naseema thank you for your post :) Here's the link to the Creamy Sheer Khoorma. You can give the similar names in the search bar too dear,on the top and it will show you the possible names :) Yes my Chillies ((<3))

  3. Thank you I will try in couple of days and let u know the result.