Thursday 21 June 2012

Shikumpur ( stuffed Cutlets)

Shikumpurs are typical Hyderabadi Kababs. Shikum means: Pait/tummy and pur is Full… So as you can trace out the tummy is full of these kababs and so this name : )

Hyderabad is known for its Nawabs and their spicy and scrumptious feasts.
It’s not necessarily too expensive but it’s rich in taste and the way they are prepared…and served….

Shikumpur are also made with beef like shaami Kabab and filled in the same way…
My Mom used to make them in very different ways and its such a complete meal if we just have it with chapatti too..

It’s so sad I can’t recall all now, as Mom used to tell us about her childhood, my Late Nana Nawab Abdul-Momin Rizvi was a Nawab of a small state in Hyderabad Dakkan. I do remember the pics where I had always seen my Nani dressed up really like a princess those rich colored saris she looked so different : )

My Mom was a wonderful cook, I do have some memories of the special food she cooked but with time I have also forgotten much :/ such a pity :/

Any way these here are really delicious, I always make them in XXl round form but this here I used my Sis’s technique : ) I loved the square form and they are really so filling and a beauty for the eye too : )

I could'nt cut open and show you all coz i made this for my guests and it seemed weird if i had done that at the table na :)

So here we go; this is what you need :

For the Filling:
300gr. Minced meat
½ cup water
2 large onions ( sliced and halved)
2 pods fresh garlic (crushed)
1 tsp bhunna zeera powder
½ tsp annar dana
½ tsp salt or to tatse
½ tso crushed corander seeds
fresh poodina,
green chillies

For the coating:
1 kg Potatoes
1 bunch spring onion(only the green part)
1 large onion ( sliced)
2 tbs corn flour(makes it fluffy)
1tbs level salt ( or to taste)
1 tsp crushed red chill ( or to taste)
1 tsp crushed whole dhania
3 tbs lemon juice
½ tsp methi in fine powder form
1 egg (for coating)
fresh poodina, green chilies
Oil shallow fry

*Boil potatoes, mash while still warm and mix in all the spices; corn flour, salt, red chilli, zeera, methi lemon juice, annar dana and crushed dhania keep aside and let it cool;

On the other hand, heat 3-4 tbs oil in a pot, add minced meat and stir till color changes, now add the onion slices, salt , add red chilli and zeera powder according to the quantity and taste, mix all and let it cook with ½ cup of water, so that the minced meat is done.(around 20 mins)

Dry the reaming water and let aside to cool. Chop in fresh poodina and dhania(together approx. ½ cup) and mix softly , do NOT mix and mash the minced meat!

Now grease your palms and make flat rounds and fill it with the minced meat and gently form in a ball shape, pat it a bit flat again and make sure all sides are smooth. I made them square coz I liked the idea of my dear friend Azra Shah as they are unusual : ) Thank you sweet heart!

I made them round and then with my finger just pushed the sides into a square or u can press them with a help of a butter knife too.

Beat the egg with 2 tbs of carnation milk (gives a very lovely color) dip and shallow fry on medium heat. Serve with hari chutney


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