Tuesday 10 September 2013

**Cabbage Parcels**

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Cabbage; a wonderful Vegetable to enjoy raw or cooked.
I bought this very soft and juicy cabbage at my TUrkisch shop to make coleslaw  but then I was watching a show where they were making the grape leaves roll, so I thought well why not make this with cabbage leaves :)
It’s nothing difficult, the effect Is the same, either to cut and make it with the minced meat or you roll it in the leaves.
We all love eating Cabbage in raw form, few know the positive side effects of this great Vegetable.It is rich in vitamin A-B-C-K , a super supplier of Calcium, Magnesium and Iron.A special kicker for the metabolic system, a good helper for patients of Gout.
Do include this in your weekly meals in a form of salad.
I prepared the mince as we do it for any mince dish, you can find many recipes in the archives, just plain and simple for filling.
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We blanch the leaves ot make them soft and foldable, for that you just need to cook water and lay the leaves in it for around 2-3 minutes,  drain and dry 
Cut off the stem part as it is hard and won’t fold easily and then start filling each leave.
Place  the mince in the middle and start wrapping like a parcel, or a roll making sure the sides are secured, so the mince stays in it while frying

I tuck a tooth pick on each end to seal it, many tie a thread too, but it holds firm if the leave is soft and wrapped tightly.
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I used half butter and half oil to fry them, the butter gives it a very nice touch in aroma : )
Fry it on a medium heat and keep it turning with the help of a fork so you achieve an even color and the leaves do not burn
I hardly used 2 tbs of fat in this as I took 1tbs butter and 1 tbs of oil.
Why mixed oil in it?? This prevents the butter to burn or turn brown so I always spray some oil if I am using pure butter in anything being fried.

You can have them with salad and any whole meal bread or with rice which is what I did.
Ultra delicious and a full filling lunch :)
Have fun in making them and enjoy!





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