Tuesday 24 September 2013

Chili/Garlic/Lemon Pickle

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Today was one of those lazy days where it was only raining and making the mood go grey. I planned to go for a ride but then the constant drizzling was so  irritating I thought ahh stay back home and cook something to brighten up the mood : )
My Sis had lately made a spicy Chili pickle and I had been drooling seeing the chilies all the time so I thought okay; now or never.
 A Super excellent recipe by an extra ordinary person my  dearest Sis Ruhina Hashmi :)
She loves experimenting and making new recipes. Many may know her as ElZaA, she runs her Website and a successful group in face book.
Thank you my dearest for this lovely recipe, a “keep forever” recipe for sure!
Here’s the link to her Website: http://www.elzaa.com/
I followed the recipe exactly, just did a small change, I added garlic pods, used a lemon as had no lime at home but I had the organic one as it is important to see that the skin is also being used  and the normal lemons are often sprayed  with so much pesticide that eating their peel can be harmful.
 I   added some of my organic red chilies from my  plant I have in my balcony and added the red chili flakes in the spices as I cannot pass by them : )
 I will write down her exact recipe, just in my words. The names are also given in English.
Best is to prepare all things before you start off, this makes the work easier later.
So this is what you need:
2 tbs fenugreek seeds ( methi dana )
1tbs nigella/black seeds ( kalonji)
1 tbs mustard seeds ( rai)
1 tsp tumeric powder ( haldi)
1 ½  tsp salt
2 small limes
1 cup chopped green chilies
2 cups mustard oil
2 tbs good quality vinegar
I added:
7 garlic pods
1 big organic lemon in small slices
1 tsp red chili flakes

-wash and chop the chilies in 2-3 pieces
-peel the garlic and cut in 3 pieces
-wash the lemon and make small slices


-now mix in the turmeric, salt and vinegar in this and keep aside
-roast the rest spices, fenugreek, and mustard and nigella seeds till you get a nice fried aroma
-let them cool down a bit and then crush them in a mortar

-I wanted to have it done so I processed them twice and left them a bit coarse
-now add this to the chili bowl
-heat 2 cups of oil till it is hot, don’t let burn just as you see the smoke arising that’s perfect
now pour this onto the chili mixture and mix all well
-fill up your glass jar with it so that the oil is above all the chili

-You can enjoy it either immediately as I did or let it stay 2 days in a sunny place and then use it.
 *Just a note, I took a plastic bowl and mixed all in it but as I poured the hot oil, I changed the bowl and took a metal one as the hot oil would have made holes in it so be careful :)
Make and enjoy the spicy pickle
I enjoyed  my favorite Cabbage cooked with Mince meat and this yummilicous pickle :)




  1. Beautiful, fantabulous, mind-blowing .. your pictures are so wonderful that one wants to gobble the screen :) Thank you dearest Sis for the honour :) Love you loads!

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  3. Coming from you is an honor my dearest!! You get the credit for sharing this delicious recipe! Love you loads back!