Saturday 25 August 2012

***The Fruit Cocktail Trifle***

Too heavy and rich Cals!
Easy peasy but time demanding :/

I think this is the easiest dessert one can make, but only if you buy all readymade stuff, but if you prepare all fresh at home then its equal time consuming like any other desi sweet dish : )
I bought the fruit cocktail tin and did the rest.

We need time for each layer when things are hot, it was my choice to buy readymade pudding and jelly and cake but what is more better than making all yourself, clean and fresh : )

So what I did was:

I baked a small vanilla cake(with just 1 egg)
Made custard (Bird’s custard powder)
Made jelly (Noor strawberry)
Whipped cream (double-cream)
1small tin of Pineapple
1 large tin of cocktail fruit

*chill the double cream and whip it with the cream stabilizer so it stays stiff and gives you a very good firm structure while coating
*make the custard and let it cool down, I kept it in the sink full with cold water
*make jelly and take out3-4 tbs in a small bowl, rest let to cool, again in the water sink. But it should not set so just mix slightly with a spoon form time to time till the hotness is finished

“”Here I must tell you, the packet of Noor Jelly that I bought gives no instruction! I tried to read all with a magnifying glass lolzzz that may be I can’t read properly but NO …. I had had a bad experience once earlier as I added 2 mugs (I read it on the packets we get here but I don’t buy due to animal gelatin in it)
Any way so that was a blunder…..So this time I acted smart : ) I rang my Sis in Lahore and asked her the exact way : )
So for those who also have this problem:

Its 2 tea cups for 1 packet of Jelly! Boil the water, mix in the jelly, let cook , just mix slightly with a spoon and let stay. It will set slowly! That’s perfectoooo!!!! “”

So now back to the recipe: )
*whip the cream and keep in fridge before hand
*Take a broad transparent bowl ( the layers should be seen : )
*lay slices of the cake all around
*spread the cocktail fruit all over only one layer don’t double!
*pour the cool jelly on it and spread with spoon all around
Let the jelly set and become rim (around 15 minutes)
*divide the custard on 2 bowl, and mix in green color in one
*now spread the yellow custard evenly
*lay cake slice again
*spread the green custard evenly
*now spread the cream on the top most with a spatula even and fine
*remember the jelly in a separate bowl??? Turn it out on a cutting board and chop it with a sharp knife/or use a small whisk to break it
*it will look like crushed ice; now with a small spoon decorate the top
* place pineapple pieces in-between
*Keep to chill over night
Tadaaaaaammm your Trifle is ready !
Yes as many say it’s a child’s game BUT one should know how to play nicely : )


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  3. very tempting :)

  4. very tempting :)