Thursday 10 September 2015

**Balti Gosht **

Funny name na :) Even i laughed as i heard this the first time, I thought why on earth is it called balti gosht, we don’t cook it in a balti , if I translate it, it’s really odd, that is  Meat cooked in a bucket lolz
Well it is called so in Punjab, this is what I was told, it is famous in restaurants as they make it in really big large Karahies . I don’t know the real reason behind this name but one thing I know that this is the tastiest ever karahi one can make and eat!
My hub’s’ best childhood friend is a wonderful cook; his cooking is really beyond question!
Not only cooking, but sweet dishes too and his Pizza is always a hit!
The first time he invited us after our marriage, he made this dashing dish, the aroma was like in the whole house and the way he made it fast and quick and with the best taste ever
Since then I am making this too, it is my hub’s most favorite, well mines too :)
So simple so easy so fast, less ingredients, great outcome, one feels like licking the bowls and karahies till the last masala is sweeped away… honestly : )
You take:
700 kg meat washed and in medium pieces,best with bone
3 big tomatoes cut in fine cubes
4-5 green chilies chopped finely
2 tsp fresh grated garlic
1 tsp slat
¾ tsp red chili
¼ tsp turmeric
1 tsp with black pepper/cloves mixed
½ cup oil
-heat oil in a broad wok/pan, throw the black pepper/cloves in and let splutter few seconds
-add in the meat, stir well and cover the lid
-let it cook till it is done, will take around 20-25 minutes
-no water needed, the meat leaves quite a lot itself
-once the meat is done, mix in the fresh grated garlic, mix well and add the spices
-twist and turn, spread the green chili/tomatoes cubes, cover the lid, let it cook
-once the tomatoes are soft, mash them slightly, and there you go, it’s done!
-No fresh coriander or any other thing on the top as this gives it another taste
-I just put the green chilies for my pictures : )
Make it and see it for yourselves, you’d love it I’m sure :)
Do let me know how you liked it
Good Luck!

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