Monday 24 September 2012

Hot Minced Meat Polau

 This is a very simple Polau yet very rich and heavy!
It is cooked in tomatoes and does'nt have the typical all spices, i did use some thoiug :) It is a complete heavy meal so i don't make any dip or raita or curry with it : )
Just serve with a nice Salad and chutney,that tastes very good!!!

Here is what i did:
600gram minced meat
2-3 onion (Fine sliced)
4-5 green chilies (fine chopped)
2 tomatoes (fine cubes)
100ml oil
2 inch piece of fresh ginger (fine julienne cut)
2-3pods of garlic
1 tsp salt
½ red chili flakes
½ tsp of cinnamon and cloves powder
4-6 red whole chilies
½ tsp black pepper corn
½ tsp gram masala
¾ tsp cumin powder
Fresh coriander for garnishing
3 hard boiled eggs
 3 cups Basmati Rice
(Wash and soak in luke warm water for 15-20 minutes)
2 ½ tsp salt or to taste more or less!!
3 glass water

 -heat the oil in a broad vessel
-add the red whole chilies and fry till light brown
-add the black pepper and fry slightly
-now add the half onion and fry till gold brown
-now add half the ginger strips and fry and add the mince in it
-stir fry carefully till it changes color; sprinkle the garlic to kill its raw smell
-now add the spices salt, red chili flakes, cloves, and cinnamon and cumin powder
-the mince will get cooked very fast; don’t add any water at this stage
-as the water dries up, add the tomato cubes and the chopped green chili
-keep stirring on and off with an open lid, we have to dry up all the moisture!
-sprinkle the garam masala once it’s dry and done!
-now add the 3 glasses of water for rice and bring to a boil
-taste the salt, it should be quite salty when you check, but that is okay because it has to absorb in the rice!
-Drain the rice and add to the pot, cook it on high heat, you will see rice fluffing and water forming bubbles
-at this stage turn to the lowest heat, place a piece of Alum. Foil and set on Dumm.
-In around 15 minutes it ready to serve
-slice the boiled eggs and decorate on sides as you dish out!
-garnish with chopped coriander

-I made harri chutney (green Chutney)with it, as it is a complete meal with spices; we need nothing else with it!!
You will feel the hotness of garam masalay (cloves, cinnamon, garam masala.. if you want you can take less quantity, but in this polau we don’t add too muc red chilies to make it hot .
Enjoy !!


  1. I love Amira Basmati rice. That smells good, tastes good, and the grains keep their shape.

  2. Yes dear Basmati is the QUEEN of Rice, a wonderful aromatic gift of heaven :)