Tuesday 25 September 2012

"Raspberry/Blackberry Soft Cheese Cake"

I love making different sorts of cheese cakes, with and without cheese : ) the result is always the same, they get gobbled up in no time!
This here is a very famous and old German Cheese cake, I got the recipe from my elderly Neighbors, she made it with gelatin and I don’t like that :/ I made this without, and it is simply super duper!
You just have to be patient and let it chill overnight, then you get the exact form and structure of it and it is extreme creamy and yummy : )

I baked this specially to give myself a treat :) I have another cooking page which i started in June this year. I never thought i would get such a great feedback and my members will increase daily:) 

I love my work, i just simply love sharing all my recipes with all and thanks to my God that i really have a great number of such sweet members which all made it possible that i hit and cross the 5,000 number!!! So i gave my dear members and myself this yummy treat A "virtual" treat :) 

 My beautiful daughter had gifted me this lovely rose which i preserved by drying it and she decorated our table :)

This is what you need to do:

200 gram simple butter biscuits (Merry Biscuits)
120 gram soft butter
450 gram cream Fraiche
200gram sour cream
2 eggs
150 gram sugar
150 gram mix of Rasp/Black berries
Zest of one organic lemon!

-First make the base of the cake and let it set for at least an hour
-crush the biscuits and mix in the soft butter
-spread it evenly in a baking form, I took a casserole
-press with palms to make it smooth and keep in fridge to set

-as the base is hard, then prepare the cream to fill in
-beat the butter and sugar till creamy
-all the egg and beat again till creamier
-all both the creams and beat on a medium speed till all thick and smooth
-grate in the zest of the lemon and just fold in
-pour this onto the firm base and drop the berries all over, some will sink some will stay on the top
-bake in a preheated oven on 150°C for a good 80-90 minutes!
-Yes this is the required time as we bake on a low heat, to avoid the cream from burning and turning brown!
-as the top seems fluffy and light creamy it’s ready, take it out and let it cool down at least an hour
-then cover and keep in fridge so it sets very well
-if you cut out any pieces before it is really cold, it will not give you good a good shape, so wait till it is really chilled overnight : )

Good Luck and Happy baking!!!

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