Tuesday 4 September 2012

Turkish Naan (Türkisches Fladenbrot)

 I had made daal and Koftay and was thinking to ask someone coming home from work to buy a naan so I won’t have to make rice or roti and this gave me the idea…hey why not make it myself : )
The Turkish flat naan is so very common here and also very favorite especially with all sort of Daals or Spreads or Shorba curry. It is not at all difficult to make but then of course the readymade is easier na : )

Anyway I started off immediately and Alhamdolillah it really turned out so good, the home was full of divine aroma of fresh bread and I was so happy observing it fluff up in the oven. It’s the happiness of like passing some exam I tell you : )

I just made one big one which was sufficient for one meal but I will surely make it once again : )
So this is what you need to do:

300gram plain flour
1tsp salt
2 -3 tbs olive oil
1 ¼ tbs dry yeast
1tsp sugar
200-215 ml luke warm water
2tsp yoghurt
1 egg
1tsp sesame
1tsp nigella seeds (kalonji/black seeds)
(These are the main seeds on the Turkish bread, an important taste builder!!!)

-make a pre-dough by mixing water, oil, sugar and dry yeast
-don’t pour all the water, just add 200ml and keep the rest for later if needed
-let it stay till frothy bubbles show up (around 15 minutes)
-now add the flour in it and just mix gently, don’t knead it, just move your hands in a circle form and gather all flour from sides, drip in the yoghurt and keep mixing till it makes a really sticky and soft dough
-just grease your hands, and lift all the dough once to gather and place it back in the bowl.
-cove r it and keep in a warm place to rise
-best is I always preheat the oven on only 50°C and turn it off
-cover the bowl and place it on a wooden board on the last rack of the oven

My bread shop keeper is a Turk and his Mom told me she never kneads the dough with a machine, never rolls it , does all with her palms and that it has to be very sticky like anything and softy hanging dough.

So as I started and it was made I was like ahaaaaan and now???
Anyway I put it in the bowl and let it rise in a warm place

-After an hour it was even shabbier : )so I put my hands in flour and spread it directly on the baking tray with my palms.
- Grease the tray well so it does not stick from the bottom
- Just spray your palms and keep spreading lengthwise gently
-now even the corners if you like too, I didn’t it looks original with wavy edges.
-now brush the egg gently all over
-in the end just press your knuckles all around in a row or uneven
-pressing fingers in it may cause a hole so the tip is use knuckles!
-sprinkle the sesame seeds and then the black seeds
-Keep it in a preheated oven on 170°C and bake around 20-25 minutes
-as the Naan takes a lovely gold color, it’s ready
-take it out, wrap in a kitchen cloth and close in a nylon bag
-the steam which builds’ in will keep the naan soft
You can see the airy structure of the naan; this happens when the dough is soft and sticky as too much kneading activates the gluten and makes the bread stuffy!!! We don’t like those very thick ones so I made the flatter one : )

My Family was so delighted and impressed, it was gone in a go, so today again on list : )

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