Thursday 6 September 2012

Bihaari Chicken Boti Rolls

Bihari Kababs/Boti/tikka  are actually made with beef undercut but I used chicken fillet as it tastes equally good. The main ingredients of this are the roasted channa, papaya and poppy seeds (Khaskhaash) which make them so thick yummy. Quite similar to the gravy of pasanday : )



For chicken we don’t need the papaya for marination as it cooks fast, but if anyone is using desi chicken then we do need to use papaya in it or else it will take too long to cook or fry.

This is what you need: 
500gram chicken fillet (cut in cubes)
150 gram yoghurt
2 onion fried, and crushed into paste
1tsp roasted Channay powder (yellow chick peas)
1tsp roasted khaskhaash grinded (poppy seeds)
1tsp red chili flakes
1tsp salt or to taste
½ tsp black pepper
¾ tsp All spices (garam masala)
1tbs ginger/garlic paste
Juice of 1 lemon
-cut the chicken cubes and rub the lemon juice on it
-pour yoghurt in a bowl and mix in all the ingredients well
-add the chicken and mix so well that all the spicy paste covers the pieces
-keep to marinate at least 2-3 hours
-best is over night, I kept them over night

-next day, heat up some clarified butter in a wok
-add 3-4 black cardamom, let splutter
-now put the marinated chicken in it
-let it cook without a lid
-the yoghurt will leave water and form thick gravy
-keep stirring as the poppy seeds and Channay powder will make it thick and it can burn very fast if unattended!
-the meat will cook fast, be careful not to mash the pieces just keep the spoon moving round around so the gravy cooks and sticks to the meat
-it’s ready in no time
I made my naans at home and made the rolls with sprinkling green Chutney and Mayo and ketchup all of them a lill bit on each of them and garnished with red onion, salad leaves and green chilis
Viola your Rolls are ready!!
This was my Eid  Feast, you'll find all recipes of the goodies in my Blog :)




  1. Hmmmm looks yummy....... I have to try these too, my daugter will love these chicken rolls...are these color toothpicks or something else to hold the rolls?

  2. Thank you dear Naseema :) Do give it a try, just having one roll is such a complete meal, you can add less spices for the kids. These are party sticks, i pricked them to differentiate the the ones with and without chili :)They actually hold very good as you wrap them in the Alu Foil ...