Friday 14 September 2012

*My Gulaaboos and Ras-Malai * :)

These two sweet dishes are my family's most fav ones, so i can make them any time, and many times :) A dear friend loves my Ras-Malai, so as she was here i thought why not make both of them :)
This time i cooked the milk for Ras-Malai around more than one and half hour, i added a whole tin of condense milk, not the thick sweet one but the tea/coffee milk,so you can see the pale color, i tell you it's so heavenly delicious, it gives you the taste of some Khoya milk. The Ras-Malais puffed up so well and yet so soft.... simply divine and a must try :)
Both these recipes are to be found right here in my blog.


I sprinkled some of my very precious saffron i got as a gift from my friend from Iran, the pure original one,but sadly as i poured the milk into the bowl all vanished in the milk, but well hope you are getting the aroma through the pictures :D   
I made extra small tiny balls of Gulab jamun
so that we can have them without any guilty
conscience , and that worked,we both sat
and had ONLY 3 each :D

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