Wednesday 8 May 2013

**Creamy Rabrri** (The Creamy Cream Dessert)


How to explain what is Rabrri :) It is a cool chill creamy dessert mainly made with milk and cream which is cooked and cooked till it turns into a creamy thick structure.
We can also make it with only milk which is full cream and high in fat % as this is what makes it thicker and creamier.
I have tried this recipe made by Loney Tweet who presented this in a competition in one of the FB groups and won the first position. Many of us tried it immediately with very good yummy results: )
It is simply a very delicious and very quick yet ultra tasty Dessert.
Recipe courtesy Loney Tweet!
Thank you for this yummilicious recipe!

You need:
1/2 litre milk ( I used 3.8%)
4 bread slices (trim n remove edges)
1/4 cup sugar ( according to taste )
1 can Evaporated milk.(Carnation)
1 can Thick cream(In tins or packs)
Saffron (Optional)
*Boil milk.
*Add small pieces of bread and sugar.
*When reduced add evaporated milk and let it cook.
*Add thick cream and saffron and cook until it becomes thick and creamy.
This tastes very good when served warm too, but it is a personal choice.




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