Wednesday 29 May 2013

**Spreading Fragrance : )**

I thought to sprinkle some irresistibly beautiful fragrance in your homes, as you open this site you’ll get the lovely fragrance, if not then at least this sight will give you a freshness for sure  : )
My friend Katharina brought me a bunch of early spring Peonies and Grape hyacinth. Just very pretty and charming flowers. Thank you my sweet Heart :)
 Peonies are very elegant and rare flowers which bloom very shortly in the spring and just till early summer, that’s the start of June


I just took photos as they were very fresh and the buds were totally closed, and it is so much fun watching them bloom a little each day.

They are an eye catcher because of the  vibrant colors and the huge form. There are many different varieties of it and these here are probably the most beautiful : )
It is called the “Pfingstrose” here and you see them everywhere in the months of April till June.
Subhaan’Allah that nature is extreme lovely!
Who could think that once a closed small bud can open up into a great exploring lovely flower : )
I was reading through different articles about Peonies and came through this interesting one that a Chinese saying claims that if you plant a Peony you plant it for you, your children and your children’s children. I think I’ll plant them next time in my balcony pot and see how long they survive.
Today the first flower showered it’s petals on the table, but still looks gorgeous!

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