Thursday 22 May 2014

*~~Chilli Cheese Nuggets~~*

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 I am so fond of spicy hot stuff and so have a strong liking towards all eatables with chilli : )
I love eating these chilli cheese nuggets, and i often bought them at Burger King.
The fact that I knew how many preservatives were added in there, still din’t matter to me till the day I thought…hmmm…
I must confess that time to time I do eat fast food but it’s like 2-3 times in a year, but I think nothing is impossible to make it at home yourself. It may surely not be like the readymade ones in taste and shape but then so what???
Yes there are things we can not make at home at all, alone the  ingredients, the machine work the essence and tools  which are not available, these all things count
Anyway, back to our Chilli Cheezy Nuggets : )
Hand made things give you such a good happy feeling because they are made with love, with the fresh and pure ingredients and with effort for your family.
I love it if the shape is not even and perfect, I often hear when people say, oh look the color is not like we buy, or the shape is a bit out of form or the taste is not like we get in restaurants…I say HELLLLLOOOOO…. Do you see the things they add to enhance THAT taste?? We should appreciate the effort behind  the work anyone does… agree or agree :)
Okay I get off the track lol… So I saw these being made in one of our tv programs, he made it in such an easy way,using the normal ingredients we all have at home. The best part was it is so so very tasty that I was also surprised, with so less spices they turned out really FANTASTIC!
My Husband is really choosy in these things and he was like Wow these are far better than the ones you buy : )
I have made a step by step so if anyone out there wants to set hands to make them, you can follow this easy peasy  recipe : )
I have used the really hottest chillies because … read the first lines lol
You can surely add the mild ones or to your taste, we don’t want you to call a fire brigade, do we  :D
So here you go
You will see that the Nuggets are uneven and have Crumbs all over, this is because when you fry them the cheese shoots out and burns in the oil and thus sticks all over.
Be careful while frying as we do get some shots on our Hands :)
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You can buy any cheese you like , there are different colors in Chester and Cheddar, one is light cream and the other is pale or dark yellow,which I use here.
It is good if you keep a check on the melting cheese and whish is slightly so there are no lumps in it.
This stage is to be loved,it is so spicy and yummy, I ate a lot while cutting lol
The best part was eating the cubes with grapes..Olala....
The final product is ready to be gobbled :)
I must tell you here, that the i just coated them thrice, the film i saw he coated them 5 times, so the Shell was very thick and firm. I did nto do it deliberately because the thicker the Crumbs the more oil it absorbs! so here too,it is upto your choice
 See the cheese  inside?  It was really soft melted yet it din't leak out.
And now i am off ot eat the rest 3 pieces from last night :) You all enjoy making it and do share your feed back, i'd love to know how you liked it.

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