Tuesday 20 May 2014

**Tomatoe Chutney Sour and Spicy**

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Chutneys are a must in the Pakistani Cuisine and of course in all other South Asian Cuisine
too .We all make it the different ways according to our taste buds, with or without hot spices.
Whenever I was invited at my Afghani neighbors’ she always had this delicious chutney with all her dishes, especially with all sorts of rice and soups
It is a different taste, although same things. As she moved out I really missed eating that.  I tried to figure out what it could be
 Lately shopping at an Afghan store I asked the lady there, what specific ingredient is used in the normal chutney and it was just such a handy ingredient she told me.
I make it very often and it tastes so heavenly with all our meals, rice or shorba or curries : )
I make it very often and it tastes so heavenly with all our meals, rice or shorba or curries : )
It is the Sambal Oelek which is included in it that gives it the kick!
Sambal Oelek is a chili paste used very often in the Indonesian/Thai Cuisine
We can make it very easily at home too, so I first made that, takes around 20 minutes and you have your fresh paste there.
I will upload it soon :)
 I made it a bit thin and not that firm paste as I used more oil in it.You can dry all the water up and make it like a hard paste too, it is your choice.
You can make this tomato chutney and keep in the fridge more than 4-5 days, if it is not finishes by then  :)
This is how I made it,you Need :
½ bunch of fresh coriander
3-4 garlic pods
5-6 green chilies
2-3 medium tomatoes
2-tsp vinegar
Red chili flakes to your taste,
3-4 tsp of Sambal Oelek (or more to taste) 
I used no salt as Sambal Oelek is enough hot and salty
A half full hand of peppermint leaves not more, as it will change the color too dark, but we need that taste of peppermint : ) 
Though the Sambal Oelek already has lemon,garlic and chili in it, but I still add more garlic to it and more green chilies to give it a more intensive taste.
-wash and chop all these ingredients and put all in the blending jar
-place the tomatoes in the first bottom layer so they grind fast and you don’t need to add any water to it as this will make it runny and give a thin taste
-I sprinkled some lemon juice on the top too : )
-don’t blend till very fine as it tastes good when it is coarse and thick.
-Pour this chutney in a glass jar or any bottle and refrigerate.

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