Tuesday 27 May 2014

Apricot Quark Cake

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This cake is much loved by my family, I make it with different fruits like mixed fruit, apples or berries. This time I made it with Apricots, but I used the tinned ones for the batter and took the fresh ones for the deco.
The batter for this cake is actually very simple and very soft juicy, I call it the “Old Timer” of the batters: )
It is called the Rührteig, translated as Sponge Batter; and is made for many regular or sheet cakes.
Over the years I have found a standard measurement for this batter, we can use any milk product in it but it shouldn’t be too runny.
I have made it with either yoghurt or cream many times and this time I have used both Yoghurt and Quark in it (Cheese Curd)
In the sponge mixture we use many eggs but here there are different ingredients
You can prepare this sheet cake a day ahead and then decorate it with icing before you have to serve it. To keep it soft just cover with a cling
I have used a measuring cup, if you don’t have one then take any 150 ml cup. You can buy any yoghurt or cream tub of 150 ml quantity, empty it and use that as your measuring tool :)
So here we go, this is how I made this cake:
For the batter you need:
1 cup Quark/yoghurt
1 cup sugar
1 cup cooking oil
1 cup yogurt
3 cups plain flour
2 eggs
2 ½ tsp baking powder
1 tsp Vanilla essence
2 pinches of salt
1 lemon zest (peel of Lemon)
For the Top:
1 big tin of apricot (drain the juice completely)
To brush on the top:
3-4 tbs lemon jam+2 tbs water

-firstly mix the quark, yogurt, sugar and the vanilla essence evenly
-add the sieved flour and mix all
-now add the baking powder, and the eggs the lemon zest, salt  and first mix all with a spoon
-in the end, pour the Vanilla essence + oil and mix all quickly but only till the batter is creamy and even
-either lay a baking g paper on the tray or brush with oil and dust with flour and then pour this batter out on a 30x40 cm baking sheet,

-now place the halves of the apricot on the top
-bake in a preheated oven on 200°C for around 25-30 minutes
-while the cake is being baked, prepare the jelly top
-heat up the lemon jam and water, stir till it forms a slightly thick jelly.
-as the cake is done, take it out and immediately brush this jelly on the top so it sticks well when cold
-the shiny top will dry up in 15-20 minutes
-you can serve it as is, or do as I did, I whipped some fresh cream and placed a slice of fresh apricot on each
This tastes very soft, moist and juicy; the apricot pieces sink in the batter, so it is normal if you feel the bottom a bit wet. It is not uncooked; it is the juicy layer which stays on the bottom of the cake.
If you want the pieces to be visible on the top, then place them after the cake has been cooked at least 15 minutes.
Keep the cake in the fridge after you spray cream on it, it stay very well . I still have 3 pieces which I will enjoy with my cuppa tea now :D
This was my Sweet Dish after the Dinner with our Family Friends :)

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