Friday 30 May 2014

~~Spanisch Omelette~~

I sometimes really wonder how my Mom used to make all these things, how did she know how to make them, she always took the right names for her dishes, how did she know that….
I never saw her using any cook book; she just had a very good friend, and they both used to call each other daily and that too, early in the morning. We practically grew up in the arms of that Aunt whom we called Khala Jan. So both these friends used to get together and try out so many new things : )
One of them was this Spanish Omelette too.

(click on pics for larger Image)
Mom used to make it on weekends, in that round cake form with a hole in it, a semi deep silver form with two black metal handles
We children used to be so excited to see the Omelette fluff up till the edge and then sack down a bit when taken out of the oven.
Yes Mom used to bake it in the oven. She used to whisk 7-8 eggs with all spices, milk, tomatoes, fresh coriander, and potatoes and if she had any meat left out of any curry, she used to dry it up and then add that too. So that was our heavy and yummy breakfast with fried bread slices.
Okay i have taken the Pictures from two differents cameras so you see the difference, but this does'nt make it less delsih :D
I have also been making it off and on, but I make it in the largest pan I have and cover it and let it cook on a really soft flame
This is my way of making it
You need:
4 large eggs
5-6 Cherry tomatoes (cut in halves)
1 large potato (cut in cubes)
1 large onion (fine sliced)
Hand full chopped fresh coriander
2-3 chopped green chilies
2 tbs of sliced Mashrooms
(i took the ones in the glass bottle)
2-3 tbs milk
¼ - ½ tsp salt and more to taste
1 level tsp red chilli flakes
¼ crushed white cumin seeds
150 gr grated cheese (Ementaler/Gouda)
2-3 tbs oil
*take a broad frying pan for this, I use the 30cm one
*heat the oil and fry the onion till light gold
*fry the green chilies, they will splutter but no worries
*mix the spices in 2-3 tbs milk then break the eggs in it and beat good till fluffy
*pour these eggs on the fried onion, sprinkle the potatoes all over, then tomatoes, then the coriander, cook it for around 1 minutes then sprinkle the cheese on the top.
*cover a large lid and turn the flame on low, the bottom must not burn, yet the eggs have to cook on the top
*this will take around 8-10 minutes so have patience and don’t turn the flame high!!
* just keep a check, as soon as the cheese seems settled and take a color, it is done
You can eat it with roll buns, with tomato/Mozzarella with toast slices or with just more cheese :D
 We love it with buns, it is so tasty, yummy, filling and simply delicious.
I also add salami in it, or chicken chunks from left over grill or baked one. You can add anything you like, I add spinach in it too that makes this like a whole full meal.
Make and enjoy and share your views I’d be glad to read :D

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