Tuesday 2 February 2016

Sooji ki Qatliyaan *Semolina Diamonds/Squares*

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Winter brings lots of cravings for really yummy sweet things, like Cookies, Chcolates Desi  Halway, Panjeeri and and and.
Mama darling used to make Chick-pea Pieces ( Besan ke Tukray) and Sooji ki Qatliyaan (Semolina Squares/diamonds) every winter.
The jars were always filled with these very delish sweet meats, and we used to gobble them up with every round in the kitchen :)
Abbajan loved Sooji ki Qatliyaan so these were made quite often ,to our benefit of course :)
I remembered the way Mom used to make but was forgetting some steps when she added sugar  to the mixture as it leaves a bit water too.
I looked upon some sites in Google, nearly all had the same method, with different measurements of course, to their own quantity they were making,
I add extra raisins as that gives a very nice taste.
I liked the step in a recipe where they  added dry milk powder in it, and made syrup out of the sugar. So I have taken these two tips from the net, rest is how I had in mind.
Though now I will not make sugar syrup next time because the crunchy taste comes with the sugar, the way Mom always did. A try was worth, it turned really nice, but I’d like the crunch next time, which is called Karrak and tight pieces :)
I add desiccated coconut too, but here I did not, as they were a gift for a friend,
who avoids coconut. Many add food color to it, now that’s really not on, it’s no halwa, it’s dry sweet snack :)
So this is how you make them:
I use a measuring cup, so when I mention cup, it’s no tea cup!
½ cup Ghee(clarified butter)
120 gr Semolina (Coarse Sooji)
150gr sugar
1 ½   cup water
120 gr dry milk powder
1 cup coarse crushed almonds
2 tbs of dry raisins
1 tbs of cardamom seeds
½ tsp of cardamom powder
Sugar syrup:
Mix the sugar-water-cardamom powder and cook till it gets a bit thicker that you can see two threads forming between your thumb and index finger, let aside to cool
I made a bit more syrup in case I needed  more after adding coconut and almonds it’s better to have it at hand.
-heat the ghee in a heavy broad skillet
-add the cardamom seeds to crackle
.add the raisins, to puff up
-now add the semolina and stir evenly so it does not burn at any end
-as it turns a bit light brownish, add the syrup and mix fast to avoid any lumps
-now sprinkle the powder, almonds and the coconut and mix fast , it will turn hard but try not to dry all up, as later the pieces can become hard, so we need to leave some moisture in it.
-grease a flat tray or a platter and turn all over onto it, spread with the help of a spatula and take care NOT to flatten too thin!
This is important, as too thin pieces will dry out soon as the sugar syrup hardens with the time.
A bit thicker pieces will stay chewy.
You can see the difference below:
I cut almonds in halves and just inserted on the top , you can sprinkle crushed pistachios of almonds to your wish : )
Just let it stay for 5 minutes, then cut pieces in diamonds or squares.
They are actually ready to be split apart,
 my hubby tested they while they were still warm and said,
Heavenly indeed and another three were gone, till I had to hide them : )
This was actually the height of praise I got, me happy :D
Keep these in an air-tight box, as I said they get a bit harder with the time, that is, IF you have any rest left :P
Enjoy making  them and do share your experience.

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