Tuesday 2 May 2017

*Hamburg* The Heart of the World :D

Good Morning, Good Evening and may be a Good Night at some Ends :)

Long time no see,  i have been away on a long vacation and then as it is , the after blues of being back from the family, just creep and crawl in a corner,doing nothing just wanting to be back in that jolly atmosphere,but the reality says, "come on" get back to work :)

I am some how not into cooking now a days, instead discovering the lovely sides of my beautiful City and enjoying it's changing moods several times in a day :)

April is to be said a very "Moody" month.
You can experience all 4 Seasons in a day without any exaggeration :)

It's sunny in the morning,then suddenly you see the dark clouds which give a good shower, and while you are still closing your Umbrella the hailstorm starts and ends up with a blowing wind where you can fly back home :D

Now the Sunny May has started yet April is there with it's  moods.

I was on tour with my friend and we captured some stunning very beautiful shots of the lovely weather this week. One just wants to spend the whole day at this spot,lovely nature, lovely surroundings, happy People and we among them :)

Sharing some of those lovely Moments,for me they were really breathtaking...

It's this mind blowing lovely Lake "Alster" which makes this City so very beautiful....
To just fall and sink in love with it :)

                                               This shot is Courtesy my friend Mrs Khan :D

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