Tuesday 29 June 2010

Badam/Narial Barfi

A fine and tasty substitue of an original Khoya Barfi which we don’t get to eat here : ( So what do we do? we try and make something similar : ) Of course the Barfi we get in Pakistan or India has no match but this here is also not bad, infact really yummz and very nutty : )

I add lots of coconut to it at times when I am free of hay fever, here I din’t as my season is ON : ( It’s soft and chewy and …well delissssshhhh ……try it you’ll know : )

2cups Nido Powder
¼ cup +1 tblsp oil/margarine
1cup sugar
1egg (use ONLY half of it!!!!)
4-5 tblsp carnaton milk
2tsp cardamom powder
100gr coarse crushed Almonds
50gr dry Coconut (shredded)

-use a non stick broad pan for it!!

-Fry the nido powder on a low heat till light pink
-pour the oil/margarine and mix steady
-add in the HALF beaten egg slowly and keep mixing
-it will seem a bit dry ,so drip in the carnation milk; mix mix
-sprinkpe the cardamom powder,sugar,nuts and keep mixing
.as the sugar leaves water ,it will become sticky
-no worries , I add in another 2-3 tbls of nido ; keep mixing
-the oil will start showing from the sides
.turn over onto a flat tray, press with a spatula evenly
-decorate with nuts ,your choice
-let it coool atleast one hour
-cut out pieces as u wish square/diamant
-keep it in any air-tight box in the fride
-it stays quite good!!!!

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